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Unable to access my Gmail account.?

I have been unable to access my Gmail account now for almost one week. When I try, I just get the, "Oops, unable to perform....error 008" error message with "page cannot be displayed". I do not have the google web accelerator, so cannot disable that. I have never had this problem before. Anybody have any ideas?

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    To fix this problem, please try logging in to your account through our

    secured interface. Secure HTTPS access is available via Simply paste this URL in your browser and then

    log in to Gmail. Please be sure to use this exact URL, with no

    characters after '.com.'

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    i hit upon no help from Google help. There are delays and then there is this postpone. it somewhat is extensive, unforgiving, of no fee, and no thoughts different than wait till finally they could or might certainly no longer help. I erased my cellular telephone because of the fact of corruption. no longer reset, yet erased. It took 4 Apple human beings to earnings an erasure. i became beneficial i wanted to erase, yet i did no longer be attentive to Google has no allowance for a guy or woman that has to erase to production unit placing.

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    Try clearing the DNS cache and see if that works.

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