Do anyone know a home prevention for Raynauds?

I have been told I have it and I was wondering if anyone could tell me from first hand experience what you do to live with it?

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    Renaud's or Raynard's Phenomena:

    First, stop smoking or being around smoke. Second, get plenty of sleep and drink a lot of water (avoid colas and caffeine), Third, be sure to wear gloves and dry socks. Button up or zip up before being in the wind - even on cold, clear, sunny days. Wear a head cover when outside in cool or cold weather.

    A doctor can paralyze the sympathetic nerves in the shoulders for relief that lasts about 18 months (sometimes less, sometimes more.)

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    There is no prevention, home or otherwise. All you can do is keep from getting chilled, especially the hands, don't touch or handle anything cold (like from the freezer). As soon as you feel it coming on seek heat for the affected area.

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