.So who exactly are the KURDS? and how are they important to the United States?

Lately I've beein reading a lot of questons and answers about Saddam and Kurds. A lof of people talk about Saddam' having gassed these people.


Without going to GOOGLE or a convenient Website, someone give us short history of the KURDS.....and their importance to the United States,and why we should have cared in the first place. Huumm....I guess we need historians for this one.....

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    Not a historian, but this is what I do know...

    In Iraq there are three main groups of ethnic people. The Kurds are in the north, the Sunni are in the middle and the Shiites are in the south.

    The Kurds are nomadic tribes people. Everyone around them push them around because they are powerless. The Turks, The Syrians and the Sunni have masacred them over the last century or so. They have no political or economic importance to the United States, just the humanity of hoping for a just government and a peaceful existence.

    Saddahm or really his crazy son ordered the nerve gas in a kurdish settlement...I think it was to test the effects and effectiveness of the weapon. Shiites were not so lucky either many of them were expunged in mass graves, entire villages without anyone knowing until recent discoveries.

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    They're an ethnic group that resides in what is now northern Iraq, Southern Turkey and parts of Iran, Syria and Armenia. When the Western powers divided the old Ottoman Empire into the modern nation states, they denied statehood to the Kurds. As such, they've have become an ethnic minority in various countries.

    During the Pan-Arab political movement of the mid-20th century, Arab nationalism in Iraq largely displaced and pushed aside these people. Saddam's Ba'ath party, for instance, was suppossedy built on Pan-Arab principles that in turn disenfranchised the Kurds. This built resistance and oppossition. To counter this, Saddam used took their land, disrupted their way of life and his ethnic repression culminated in the use of chemical weapons in the late 1980s.

    At the end of the Gulf War, the Kurds rebelled (just like the Shia Arabs in the south) and suffered repression. The UN made a "safe haven" for them in the north, and as such, the northern Kurdish enclave served as a bloc of resistance to the Hussein regime.

    And that's all I can think of. I haven't read about them in more than 3 years, so sue me if my memory's rusty.

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    The Kurds were gassed by saddam, and many kurds died, like a crap load. the kurds are located in northern iraq. they are our(u.s.a) friends cuz they hate saddam just as bad as we do if not worse. Kurds dont cause trouble like shiite and sunnis. they are real peaceful people. kurds , shiite, and sunnis, are types of religous background i guess you would say. sorta like we have christians but different kinds of christians. when i was in iraq kurds seemed to be more peacful people and were very kind to us soldiers in iraq

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    Histwhorians are ignorant nerd escapists who live in the fantasy world of academentia. The Kurds are savage bandits, just like the Chechins, Shiites, and Sunnis.

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    They are the northern Iraqis and they use to live in turkey and then lost their land. Sadam liked to kill these people w/o a country of their own.

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    I don't know who YOU are either, but if someone were to proceed with ethnic cleansing a.k.a. genocidal operations towards YOU, I would support a war if need be to stop it.

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