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do child youth and family services have too much power?Part 2?

the court date was set on December 5th.i only met my lawyer 10 mins prior to court.the next court was on December 19th & was pushed to January.the judge stated in court that the procedings have been set too close together to decide if the chidren could be returned lawyer is confused of why this act happened & if the children was in that much risk why take action after 4 years and after being told to leave my hiuse the day before they removed the their file they claim that my house is 'unsanitary' but yet also 'i clean too much'.they also claim that my children are being abused,the doctor has no concerns for any of my children but is concered of them since they have been in CYFS care.i have to go to Parenting Groups which i have turned down in the past because i felt no need for it,& if i go do i get a deploma stating that i'm a good parent?who says who's perfect?& only now the worker i have had the problems with is only now finally off my case,why after 10 months??

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    1 decade ago
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    If your doctor feels the way you stated, that there was no cause for ANY concern for the children under your care, then no CYFS would have no cause for removing the children. A case worker must have gotten a report somewhere and you could get your doctor or the childrens teachers to help back you up if you need. As for the Parenting Groups I am not sure why you would turn them down. Even if I thought they were the biggest waste of time. I would be doing it to please a court or whoever. I would be walking on glass to prove I need and would care for my children.

    Good Luck to you and take the classes and talk to your family doctor and the childrens teachers and see where your supports are.

  • 1 decade ago

    Yes, they have way too much power. There is reason to believe that your children may show signs of abuse because of their stay in the foster care or group home.

    Still, if you make a crusade out of it, and defy the authority of the CYFS, you may delay the return of your children. How long did they want you to go to the parenting group? Unfair as it may be, perhaps it is the most practical thing for you to do to get your children back.

    As to the decidedly mixed signals in "unsanitary" and "cleans too much," this is clearly stock phrases that have been chosen even though they are comparatively contradictory. Don't imagine it is more than a check the box form for some inspector.

    I can, however, imagine one way in which a person might get both boxes checked: did an inspector show up while you were in the middle of a cleaning/rearranging project? There are people, after all, who use "I'm just reorganizing it" as an excuse for their chaos. It is only if you see the home several times that you learn what it really is like.

    One of the problems with dealing with bureaucrats is that you have to try to guess what their standards are, what they are thinking (or whatever it is they do instead of thinking), "second-guess" them. It is not easy.

    God bless the children.

  • sglmom
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    Sadly, these situations with Dept of Children and Family Services is all too common ... where they mess around and torment parents for no reason at all.

    Unfortuantely, the situation will NOT change until there is some way of establishing an INDEPENDENT Oversight Committee to REVIEW what the DCF Caseworker is submitting and put it to the "Common Sense" test.

    Plus, there is a LOT of money to be made in dealing with DCFS -- the places that DCFS Certifies are depending on the several thousands of dollars a month for housing each and every child ... so there is a built-in desire of these institutions to NOT do the best for the children but to boost their bottom lines (at the expense of reunification ... in fact, there are multiple cases I know of where children were deliberately held by DCFS units because of the money factor -- yet the places were poorly maintained, the children were NOT getting the quality medical care that they would have with their own parents, and the children were stacked 4 to a room (or more ... ) ... and this is compared to the average home where a child would be alone in their bedroom (of about the same size).

    There is also the problem with the "anonymous" complaint system ... a parent can be doing everything possible, but (god forbid) you to find someone who (for some reason or another) does not like you personally, so they can call in complaints (founded or not), and you are then exposed to the nuttiness of having these caseworkers show up at your door and DEMAND, push, and SHOVE their way into your home ...

    This is especially true in the scholastic settings .. I know specifically of several parents who have filed complaints against poor teachers, and then shortly after these complaints get started in the investigation process ... all of a sudden they are being looked at by DCF Case Workers.

    Granted, there are some situations where it is definitely in the best interest of the child to have them in another living situation ... but in situations where it is OBVIOUS that the child is NOT being abused .. why in the world is there NO 'common sense' look at these complaints, or prosecution of the individuals who filed these false complaints in the first place!

    I am also going to point out here that no matter what a parent does .. the child/teen (under DCF's own care even) commit ADDITIONAL crimes (like abusing their parent in FRONT of the caseworker, or committing crimes (like burglarizing a parent's or relatives home) while in the CUSTODY of DCF -- and believe me .. the situation is COVERED UP and the Caseworker (who is WELL AWARE that the teen/child has committed YET ANOTHER Crime under their watch) are doing everything to protect their jobs and NOT have to answer for the problems that they have caused through their own (the Caseworker's) actions!

    Source(s): LAWS need to be changed, and that can only happen when many finally get FED UP with the Actions of DCF Caseworkers and DEMAND changes take place -- changes that hold the Caseworkers ACCOUNTABLE for the Crimes that they commit, changes that hold those who file FALSE Complaints accountable, and changes that hold the children/teens accountable for the Crimes that they commit while in the custody of DCF. There also needs to be a FINANCIAL PENALTY enacted against both the DCF Caseworker AND DCF Itself when it does NOT provide any effort at Family Reunification after as short a period of time as one month. There is NO EXCUSE to bilk taxpayers for DCFs lack of services because the caseworkers do NOT feel like telling the TRUTH to the court, or are not prepared, or are just messing around and covering up the CRIMINAL Actions of their own caseworkers. For the caseworker, it does NOT matter what they put in the paperwork they submit to the court .. it can be internally contradictory, but it is still a SWORN statement, and Judges are too quick to support them in their actions. I am sick and tired of seeing the actual abuses of DCF Caseworkers who have submitted these falsified complaints (SWORN statements no less -- which have clauses that they can be charged/prosecuted/jailed for false testimony), and when the case is dropped ... NOTHING is done to this Caseworker -- NOT ONE THING -- You can file with the Inspector General of the State, you can file with the District Attorney and you can file complaints with the Department of Children and Family ... yet the Caseworker is allowed to continue on with impunity. I SAY that Caseworkers need to be PROSECUTED for false allegations -- especially when they deliberately decide to put those false allegations into their complaints. PUT THEM IN JAIL where they belong, and remove their licenses to practice/from their positions as well. (Yes, MY HOME was burglarized by a relative in custody of DCF and the Caseworker KNEW about the Burglary more than 2 HOURS before the teen returned to the Group Home. The Caseworker COVERED UP the Burglary, I filed the Complaints (with the Inspector General, the Department of Children/Family, and the District Attorney), but this Caseworker (and I definitely had the Phone Records from MY CELL PHONE showing the date/time group of the call and length) that clearly is LEGAL PROOF of the Caseworker 'aiding and abetting criminal theft of property' of the teen in their custody.) SICK about this - because I HAD to pay for the damage to MY HOME and my property was then allowed to pass from the BURGLAR to another and I never saw the property again (nor could I get reimbursed for this under my insurance policy).
  • 1 decade ago

    Vern I don't know the whole story, I think if you want your kids back I think you should go through the monition. If going to the parenting classes is going to help you then do it. Keeping your house clean then do it. Yes the kids today have too much power, but then again there always parents or parent that truly abuse there kids so the family service have to be very careful cause they do get sue by those that end up killing there kid (s) cause family service didn't follow procedures. I will pray for you and your family is reunited.

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  • 1 decade ago

    some social workers are as nice as can be and some think they are God...not in any way justifying it.I am a social work major..My brother had custody of my son for over a year while I was going to school..He had ADHD and they refused to give him medicine or take him to counseling. When he came back to live with me, I had him 2 weeks and a social worker found me guilty of medical neglect for him not seeing a therapist for 1 year..(I didn't have custody)..He was in therapy weekly for 4 years prior to that ..she never offered to see if he had been in counseling or had proper med tx..she assumed that because I had my son on ritalin and she didn't agree kids should be on ritalin that I was neglectful..If my doctor didnt' want him on ritalin, he would not have been. I tried to fight the charge in lawyer says that legally they can do anything they choose and I can't do a thing about it..they have that power.. I have lost my ability to teach or work with kids FOREVER because of her.. She was a total JA...I was on welfare which auto made me a double bad parent.. NO parent is perfect but if they expect u to be..they are the one who needs classes..Most of them assume that because they are in that "role" they can make all of life's decisions..screw everyone else.. I hate to tell you that it won't stop if you get that diploma..once guilty (to them) always guilty..(unless u are rich).. I could not enjoy the time with my son for wondering if they were going to come in every day and find something wrong with things.. I wish u GL..a social worker usually tries to keep the kids in the home but it sounds like u got a JA one too.

  • 1 decade ago

    You really need to go to what ever they tell you to go to if you want your kids back with you. If you don't , the court will use your refusal of services as yet another reason as why you should not have your children back home.

    Source(s): I work for Family Services
  • clyne
    Lv 4
    5 years ago

    as quickly as you and your criminal expert are starting to be to be the toddlers precise domicile, you ought to consult from the district criminal expert regardless of if there is reason to fee malfeasance or misfeasance on the area of CYFS for which you ought to sue. yet till you get the toddlers precise back on your own custody, and the choose has reported it extremely is the place they belong, you're able to do properly to be very well mannered and affected person and extremely, very continual. Quietly, with dignity, insist which you will no longer enable the issue drop till your toddlers are domicile. God bless the toddlers.

  • 1 decade ago

    Yes they have way too much power. Also, the courts consider all women to be fit parents and all men to be unfit parents.

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