i am 5 months pregnant! one question about wine?

i would love to have some wine for the new year... i usually do not drink wine, but i wouldn't dare try to drink anything else.. can i have a glass or two? i really feel left out and am very bored... most likely i won't even have a glass i was just wondering if i should or not... i haven't had any complications with this pregnancy and don't want to have any, but will one or two glasses just for tonight hurt my baby? this is my second child and i never had anything to drink with my first so the question never came to my thoughts... it's new years eve and i want to have a drink...

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    Go for it.

    "The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists recently conducted a large study including 400,000 American women, all of whom had consumed alcohol during pregnancy. Not a single case of fetal alcohol syndrome occurred and no adverse effects on children were found when consumption was under 8.5 drinks per week. 3

    A recent review of research studies found that fetal alcohol syndrome only occurs among alcoholics. The evidence is clear that there is no apparent risk to a child when the pregnant woman consumes no more than one drink per day. "


    See also http://dovercanyon.typepad.com/women_wine_critics_...

    "It seems, however, as if the American government, medical authorities and media have not been telling American women the entire truth. Although the official message is "don't drink at all during pregnancy", a great deal of recent research and a re-examination of the alcohol-pregnancy issue show that there is no conclusive evidence to demonstrate that moderate drinking during pregnancy can harm the fetus.

    According to Doctors David Whitten and Martin Lipp of the University of California at San Francisco, "the campaign against drinking during pregnancy started in 1973 when several studies showed that heavy drinking during pregnancy can cause the condition known as the Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. These studies demonstrated that the children of many alcoholic mothers were born with a cluster of severe birth defects. "What the government conveniently chose to ignore" say Whitten and Lipp, is that this syndrome is extremely rare, occurring only 3 times in 100,000 births, and then only when the mother drinks abusively throughout her pregnancy."

    Lipp and Whitten, whose "To Your Health" was published in 1995, are among an increasing number of doctors and researchers who feel that pregnant women have no reason to fear drinking a glass of wine every day. As revealed by contributing editor Thomas Matthews in the August 31, 1994 issue of the "Wine Spectator" magazine which was devoted largely to this controversy, "there is even new research that shows that moderate drinking during pregnancy may actually help the development of the child after birth." "

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    id really love to know how many of these women telling you NOT to drink actually have ever even been pregnant. I have a two year old who is so freakin smart she absolutely amazes everyone she meets!!! she started walking at nine months, speaks better than most 4 year olds ive met, and has NEVER been sick!!! While i was pregnant i drank a beer here and there...maybe a total of 4 beers through the nine months. If you want a glass of wine, drink one. I know how it is to feel left out and abnormal while everyone is drinking and having fun. But i would say drink a beer if you want one, or a wine cooler or whatever you usually have. If you dont usually have wine i wouldnt recommnd it just because it will give you a really bad headache! Girl, i dont care what other people say, i know i am a good mom, im certainly not a drunk, but its tough to be pregnant! Its worse to be stressed and depressed because you feel left out and abnormal than to just drink one beer! thats what my dr told me, and my daughter is perfect!

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    My mother told me that she had an occasional drink with me and I am fine. I had 3 very small glasses of red wine at three different times in my pregnancy (one each time, NOT three at once) and my daughter is a healthy happy ahead-of-her-age baby. So it did not hurt us. I would say have ONE glass only if you really want to.


    any amount of alchohol will cross the placenta and if there is anything wrong with your baby when he/she is born, you will spend the rest of you life wondering it is was that glass of wine that did it........

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    good day. I in simple terms wanted to function my opinion. you're unlikely to break your toddler by employing the occassional glass (or glass and a 0.5) of wine. If it have been a on a regular basis habit them i could be greater annoying. You and your toddler are advantageous. What bothers me somewhat is which you're saying you drank just to help fool your fiances maximum suitable friends. it extremely is a very undesirable reason, in case you wanted to cover your being pregnant you have got made up some excuse why you ought to no longer drink alcohol. (like a sparkling drugs that announces NO alcohol!). What if that they had all been smoking, what could you have finished then? do no longer work together in habit it extremely is in all possibility risky on your toddler in simple terms with the aid of fact everybody else is doing it. before this being pregnant os over you will ought to guard you and your toddler from distinctive issues. you will ought to be assertive and that i'm optimistic you will do advantageous. i be attentive to that what got here approximately replaced into no longer a huge deal and that i in simple terms wanted you to be attentive to that I too believe distinctive the others. in simple terms pass common on the alchohol and you'd be advantageous. There are lots worse issues you have got finished and lots that could have been worse for the toddler. loosen up and supply up aggravating. it gets greater handy whilst this is obtrusive which you're pregnant! Love and reward lady Trinity~

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    When pregnant with my daughter I would have one glass of wine on all special occasions, and she turned out fine. I am also having a glass of wine with this pregnancy on new years. Do you what you feel is right, not what others tell you. If you want to take the chance do it, but if it is not worth it for you dont.

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    Is it worth having a mental retarded child? Be smart. You can drink after your child has been born. You want a healthy child or a drink of wine? I guess its up to you on what you decide. I hope you make the smart decision. You have one drink you may be tempted to have another and another and another throughout your pregnancy.

    Source(s): Biology and Psychology major
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    have a drink or 2 but not 2 glasses

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    Well, from what I've learned it's not safe to drink ANY amount of alcohol when pregnant. Put water in a wine glass and imagine.

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    In Europe, the women drink wine everyday, whether or not they are pregnant. It safe to drink wine while you are pregnant in moderation. Have a glass, but don't over do it. You are pass you 3 month scarey point. The rule of thumb though is "when in doubt don't"

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    Yeah, sure, if you want to risk it because you feel "left out," then please, by all means. As long as it's worth it. Though I would think asking your DOCTOR would be a better idea than asking random people on Yahoo! Answers when it comes to the health of your BABY.

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