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anyone know when "stranglehold" or Alan Wake" games be coming out?

i know alan wake is for xbox 360 not sure about stranglehold

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    Stranglehold (or John Woo Presents Stranglehold) is a third-person shooter currently under development by Midway Games (Chicago studio), for next generation console systems. It is Midway's first game to use Unreal Engine 3, and is being developed in collaboration with John Woo. The action is set in Hong Kong and Chicago.

    Chow Yun Fat plays the role of Inspector "Tequila" Yuen, a reprisal of his role in John Woo's 1992 action movie Hard Boiled. Tequila will be battling Crime Lords in Hong Kong and a Russian Mob Boss in Chicago who captured Tequila's ex-wife. Stranglehold features "Tequila Time", a slow-motion system similar to that used in games like Max Payne.

    Stranglehold is slated for release during the first quarter of 2007

    Developer Remedy’s Xbox 360 & PC (Windows Vista only) exclusive game Alan Wake looked very impressive at both E3 2005 and X06, especially the Intel Developers forum demo looked great. Now, if reports from the US Official Xbox Magazine are accurate, then the psychological action thriller won’t be released in 2007 anymore.

    According to the magazine, the game has been set for release in the US during 2008, although publisher Microsoft Game Studios is yet to confirm or deny the report.

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