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What ever happened to Clyde Tolson--besides J. Edgar?

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    The book in sources suggests that he was senile perhaps near the end and held captive by his nurse and others. Worth looking at. He made bizzare calls and such to the Pres and others.

    His family contested his will for several years ($600,000).

    Monday, Apr. 28, 1975

    Died. Clyde Tolson, 74, J. Edgar Hoover's almost inseparable No. 2 man at the FBI for 42 years; of heart disease; in Washington, D.C. A taciturn lifelong bachelor, Tolson joined the fledgling bureau in 1928 and soon became what Hoover called "my strong right arm." Though his title was associate director (he was responsible for administration and investigation activities), Tolson handled a pistol convincingly in many of the spectacular arrests that built the FBI's G-man image in the 1930s. But mainly he was the director's loyal alter ego: he shared J. Edgar's bulletproof Cadillac, his meals, his afternoons at the race tracks, and inherited the bulk of his $551,500 estate when Hoover died at 77 in 1972

    Source(s):,9171,8... J. Edgar Hoover: The Man and the Secrets - Page 736 by Curt Gentry - 2001 - 846 pages Baker's initial reaction was that “old Clyde Tolson must have lost his marbles. ... Baker couldn't fathom why Tolson, “virtually on his death bed,” had ...goes on to tell about the FBI informants in LBJ's White House, etc.
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