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Checking math problems...did i do them right? ANswer what you can or a link that can check math if any...?

if i did it wrong, can you say what i did wrong please...?

1.In the middle school, there are 60 students in 7th grade. 25 take art. 18 take music, 9 take neither. How many take both?

-add all up, subtract from 60?

-8 people take both

2.A survey showed that a man spent 141,288 hours sleeping, 85,725 working, 81,681 watching TV, 9,945 traveling, 1,662 in a bar, and 363,447 on other tasks. What percent of his life was spent sleeping (round to nearest 10th)

-add all up

-divide sleeping hours by total

-multiply by 100, round

-20.7% sleeping

3. A person goes to a diner that has 5 appetizers, 3 soups, 7 entrees, 6 vegetables, and 4 desserts. How many different meals can be made with a soup or appetizer, 1 entree, 1 vegetable, and 1 dessert?

-there are way too many steps to explain here, but i got 1344 in the end.

4.lines AB and CD intersect @ point E. the measurement of angle AEC is 5x-20 and measurement of angle BED is x+50, find measurement of angle of CEB.

see details-


-I factored for x with 5x-20 and got x=4

-x+50…plug in 4, get 54

-measurement of angle BED=54 degrees, so angle AEC also equals 54degrees (drew it)

-to find CEB, subtract 54 from 180, get 126 (straight line=180degrees)

-126degrees=measurement of angle CEB

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  • 1 decade ago
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    1. Concur, assuming that when the problem states the students take art, or take music, that they are not taking both, but only art or only music.

    2. Concur with method -- did not check math, but roughly it looks OK

    3. Concur -- I assume you added the soup and appetiser, and then multiplied all.

    4. Disagree. As you state, AEC = BED. .

    Therefore 5x - 20 = x + 50.

    So 4x - 20 = 50, 4x = 70, and x = 17.5.

    Plugging in this amount, AEC and BED are 67.5 degrees.

    Subtracting this from 180 = 112.5 degrees.

  • 1 decade ago

    1. Not sure how you got 8 (what is "all" in your "add all up"?). There are 60-9 = 51 students taking either art or music. But 25+18=43 is less than 51. So either there's a typo or it's a not a legitimate question.

    2. Didn't check your math but your method is correct.

    3. (5+3)*7*6*4 = 1344

    4. 5x-20=x+50 <=> 4x=70 <=> x = 70/4 = 17.5

    so angle of AEC is 67.5 and angle of CEB is 180-67.5 = 112.5

    Don't have a calculator at hand... so check my math. :)

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