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Native North American natural diet?

I am a native canadian who has just been told I have diabetties. I need to lose weith and get fit, this is must. I am at the beginning of my quest and have looked around at deit tip websites. They mainly speak of traditional european diets and foods. What is included in natural native diet? Would it make a difference if I ate like my ancestors? Would my body deal with food more efficantly and help me lose weight with natural native foods?

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    You probably already know.... diabetes is more common among Native people. Native people never had all that sugar that is common today. All there really was, was the maple sugar in the Spring time and then it was used sparingly to last. "Years ago, Native Americans did not have diabetes. Elders can recall times when people hunted and gathered food for simple meals. People walked a lot. Now, in some Native communities, one in two adults has diabetes."

    Today we drink pop, eat candy, put sugar in the coffee....

    The traditional Native diet was always low in fat and high in energy. Look at deer meat! It's very low in fat and very good for you. All the animals native to the Americas are. If I were you I'd do like a Medicine man once told me.... and that's to stay away from the animals that eat off the ground like pigs and chickens. He said they are dirty and the reason many of us get sick.

    WILD RICE! Wild rice is VERY healthy. I could eat wild rice for breakfast, lunch and supper LOL. If you were to stick with wild rice and stay away from fatty foods I'm sure you would lose much weight.

    But don't listen to me.... go ask an old elder. They'll give you much better advice.


    There are some good articles on diabetes and Native people....

    American Diabetes Association

    Indian Health Service

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    civilize- to raise from a primitive state to an advanced and ordered stage of cultural development. Despite all the technological advances and different culture, it seems that the Native Americans have been forced into a more primitive state. There was method to their madness. They knew where they were from, who they were, and where they were heading. They lived in a close-knit society, although they had their squabbles, fights and divisions within. They still functioned as a whole. They had their own judicial systems, economy, politics, etc. They had respect for the planet and were thankful for whatever they got. They used what the land offered, yet there was usualy no shortage. Now, with the forced assimilation, there is societal and family dysfunction (alcohol, drug, abuse, etc.). The greatest thing the Native American got from foreigners, I believe, is the gospel of Jesus Christ. Although it was brought about in the wrong way by some missionaries and educators, the Word itself offers hope for all.

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    Diabetes is usually treated through a combination of diet (low sugar), exercise and medications/insulin. Read here

    Milder cases can be controlled with just diet an/or exercise while more severe cases require meds or insulin as well.

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