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How do I dry fresh cilantro?

I have a bunch of left over from making bruchetta, what can i do with it for use later?

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    make sure it is cleaned first by filling a bowl with water, dunking and swirling the cilantro around, and allowing it to dry (pat if you want) on a clean paper towel. allow it to sit out on your counter for a 1/2 hr or so, it will air dry just fine.

    you can pick off the leaves or just chop it up fine stems and all.

    once you are done, leave the chopped herb on the paper towel at room temp to just sit and air dry. you could even leave it out overnight if you wanted to. the longer it dries, the longer it will be preserved, but the more you will need to achieve the same flavor as fresh.

    You don't need fancy expensive equipment, you don't need a microwave or an oven, just let it sit. when it appears mostly dry, you can bottle it and leave it out or put it on a new dry paper towel and store it in the fridge in a ziploc bag.

    Seriously, do you think old tuscan women back when had big expensive food dehydrators??

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    Use a food dehydrator

    Or dry the cilantro naturally by bunching the cilantro by the stem and use a rubber band to tightly tie all the stems together.

    Hang the cilantro in a dry are upside down (ideally suspended from a beam or ceiling so it doesn't touch anything). Check ever so many days to see how it is drying. Once completely dry, remove the leaves from the stems and store in an airtight jar.

    Add it to recipes that are cooked. If you add it to non-cooked recipes will not be the same as the fresh.

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    I also make Brushetta. I have a food dehydrator that I would use, but you can run it under cold water, wrap in paper toweling and microwave. Only for a couple minutes at a time or the paper toweling could start on fire if it gets too dried out. Can do the same to dry parsley.

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    When you are done, put it in a big zip lock bag with a moist paper towel. The paper towel when moistened will help keep the cilantro fresh.

    Later you could use the leftovers to make salsa.

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    Make cilantro chutney by adding lemon juice, garlic and salt. Will keep for 2 - 3 days and can be added to other dishes. Great with rice or pasta.

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    Very easy method. I do it with celery leaves and parsley and other herbs all the time.

    Just put it in between paper towels, doubled on both sides and lay on top of your clothes dryer. When it's dry place it in an air tight container.

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    Here's how to dry herbs:

    Are you sure you're not talking about basil?

    Basil is a much more common italian ingredient.

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    You can use your cilantro for meat sauces, meat curries, vegetarian dishes and for salads.

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