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Is Pakistan the centre of terrorism?

see, i dont know a lot about politics or terrorism. But i want to ask a question " is Pakistan the centre of terrorism".

Well, the recent Mumbai bombings, Pakistan was blamed for these attacks.

Well, two days ago, the head of CIA claimed that the headquarters of Al-Qaeida is in Pakistan. Though Pakistan denied that claim.

Not just the US, India, Nepal, and UK have said Pakistan is helping terrorism.

So if Pakistan is helping terrorism and why, or if you dont think it is not, tell me why.

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    think Pakistan is not putting enough initaitive in curbing terrorism if not encouraging it. I'll give you an example - Why is it that all terrorist causing havoc in India are from Pakistan? Or Why is it that all of them have Pakistani arms? One more example Why is it that many of them have Pakistani passports? or Why do hundreds of terrorists caught every year by the Indian intelligence are funded both in terms of arms and money by the ISI - Pakistans intelligence?

    If Pakistan was doing enough to stop terrorism, then why is POK (Pakistan occupied Kashmir) [Kashmir was originally a part of India] still "blossoming" with terrorist camps?

    Coming to the US scenario, Recently it was on BBC and CNN that most of Al Quida members are now fleeing into Pakistan. I think Pakistan has enough armed forces to at least stop their border from being breached.

    Millions of dollars in terms of Arms and Weapons are being provided to Pakistan by the Western world. Then does Pakistan not have enough manpower to use them? Or are the weapons being stocked for another war (Four have already been waged) against India?

    The Country besides Pakistan is India. It surprises me that why has the world not supported India? Terrorists funded by Pakistan have killed thousands of innocent lives in India, attacked the Indian Parliament (December), Held Serial blasts in many places (Delhi, Mumbai), Blown up entire train coaches (Mumbai train serial blasts), hijacked aircrafts, attacked sacred Hindu temples(Gujrat, and the temple in Ayodhya) and what not.

    If you think this proof is not enough, then my friend there is nothing that can open your ignorant eyes.

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    pakistan is not the center of terrorism. yes there is some amount of sympathy among the pakistanis for Osama and Talebans but this doesnot mean that all bad in the region is bcoz of pakistan. the mumbai bombings... any bad thing that happens in india is blamed on pakistan...

    the maoists in nepal... well they maybe needed someone to blame for their own deeds so why not pakistan... the CIA helped pakistan in creating Osama and the taleban in the first place...

    in the end terrorism is not defined accurately by any international body... nelson mandela was called a terrorist.

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    Pakistan is home to many islamic extremist groups, such as Jaish-e-Mohammed, Lashkar-e-Tayyaba, and others. It also sold missile designs to Iran (Shahab-3) and sold nuclear bomb technology to North Korea. It presently is harboring Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda. Pakistan is presently a dictatorship, after in 1999 Pervez Musharaff took over and eliminated the democracy there. President Clinton in response embargoed all weapons sales to Pakistan.

    Despite these facts, George W. Bush continues to support Pakistan through financial aid and weapons sales. He restarted weapons transfers such as advanced F-16 parts to Pakistan when he took office in 2001.

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    Pakistani Inter service Intelligence (ISI) fosters terrorist communities from Afghanistan, N.W. Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. those terrorists are housed and educated interior the Madrasas(the Islamic faculties) spread over Pakistan and out of doorways. those trainees in many situations come from undesirable historic past. they are indoctrinated interior the militant islamic sentiments...a.ok.a. taliban. Afterall, taliban replaced into created and grown by technique of Pakistani ISI.

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    A lot of terrorism stems from the White House, Pentagon or the CIA.

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    Pakistan and terrorism and terrorist all are friends.

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    hm mm have you forgotten the CIA helped the Taliban to fight the Soviet.

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    yes your right...if pakistan will finished then world will be peacefull.

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    No. enuf said.

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    their dictator president is not very strong.

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