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whoever watches Desperate Housewives?

i have a lot of questions about it, because i recenlty started watching it for the first time.

- in season 1, what happened with Mary Alice..did they found out why she killed herself..what was the conclusion?

-how come Edie is now added to the Desperate Housewives clan?

-why is Mike in jail, and who is he married to?

-why did Carlos and Gabrielle get divorced?

-why did the show last night end with Bree holding the teeth or whatever it was that she found in Alma's home...what is the history behind that?

-who is everyone married to?

-how many kids does each famly have, and are they boys or girls and what are their names? how old are they?

this is all i am confused about for now..but if i have more, i will ask and add.

-please answer clearly..and i am asking because i couldn't find out on the abc.com site..

thank you so much!!!!!!!!! =D

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    To the best of my recollection....

    1. Mary Alice did kill herself - because she had received a blakmail letter in the mail saying something to the effect of "I know what you did - I'm going to tell." written by Mrs. Huber, the busy body neighbor, who knew her secret: Mary Alice used to go by the name Angela and when she couldn't conceive, bought a baby illegally (Zack) from a crack additct named Dierdre (the same woman Mike was looking for when he moved to Wisteria Lane). When Dierdre showed up at Mary Alice's house looking for her baby, an argument ended in Mary Alice stabbing and killing Diredre as Zack watched. They chopped up the body and buried it under the pool in a toy chest. When the neighbor (Mrs. Huber) tells her she knows the secret, Mary Alice kills herself. Turns out, Zack is really Mike's son with this woman Diredre.

    2. Edie started getting more of a major role due to her relationship with Suzan's ex-husband Karl and the love triangle with Mike Delfino. She actually did start to become friends with the girls - joining them for cards, etc. Also, I just don't think they could call her a "guest star" any longer since she was such a major character.

    3. Mike is in jail for the murder of Monique - who was actually Orson's mistress - but they found Mike's name (and/or phone number?) on Monique's hand when they discovered her body, and found a bloody tool in his tool box, so they arrested him for her murder (which was likely commted by Orson and not Mike). Mike has amnesia as a result of being hit by Orson's car in a hit and run (intentional) so he has no recollection of Monique or anything for that matter. He is not married to anyone, although he was going to propose to Susan before Orson ran him over, though she never knew.

    4. Carlos and Gabriele got divorced for a slew of reasons- Carlos was in jail for embezzelment or something scandelous with his "work." Gabrielle was having an affair with lawnboy and Carlos found out and tried to beat him up. Then, Carlos switched her birth control pills to try to get her pregnant without her knowledge and against her will - then, after she got pregnant but lost the baby, he became very religious and befriended this nun and was going got go on a mission with her (mind you she was a "hot" nun) and Gabrielle was jealous. He didn't end up going on the mission. Then, they artificially inseminated their housekeeper and Gabrielle later learned that Carlos was having an affair with the housekeeper, but she was pregnant with their child. She kicked Carlos out but let the housekeeper stay until she gave birth. As it turns out, when the baby was born, it was not their child after all - the ebryos had been switched and it was a black baby instead so it went to the rightful parents. With all this, Gabrielle told Carlos she wanted a divorce.

    5. Not sure yet what is with the teeth she found in Alma's home. We know Orson is a dentist, so assumably, he has something to do with them. Maybe teeth were removed from someone so that they can't identify the body with dental records? Not sure yet...I think that story will develop, but clearly it freaked Bree out.

    6. Who is everyone married to? Susan is not married. Bree is married to Orson. Lyneete is married to Tom. Gabrielle is divorced from Carlos. Bree is not married. Edie is not married. Kinda makes you wonder why it is called Desparate HOUSEWIVES when half of them are not housewives at all!

    7. Susan has a daughter Julie who is in her teens - she was from the marriage with Karl. Lynette has a daughter Penny, who is about 3 (they don't show her much), twins Porter and Preston, who are about 5, and Parker who is about 6. Now she also has a step daughter Kayla (Tom's love child from a one night stand pre-Lynette) who is living with them because her mother Norah was killed at the end of last season - she is probably around 9. Bree has two kids - Andrew and Danielle - both troubled teenagers - but their father Rex is dead - poisoned by their pharmacist who was in love with Bree, and then Bree let him die when she could have gotten help for him. Danielle was just caught sleeping with Austin, who is Edie's nephew living with her for a while - even though Austin was supposedly Julie's girlfriend. Mary Alice's son is Zack - who is 18 or 19 - is actually Mike Delfino's son.

    Source(s): Avid watcher and Wikipedia for help http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Desperate_Housewives#...
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    Mary Alice killed herself because she and her husband had kidnapped their son, Zack, and it was all about to come out.

    Edie has always been a neighbor and she's just part of the show. She's the evil one.

    Mike's in jail because the police think he killed the woman they found. He was hit by a car right before the arrest but can't remember his past or any of his friends. He did know the woman but he can't remember that.

    Orson was the one that hit Mike but no one knows and we don't know why he did it.

    Mike isn't married. He and Susan dated but while he was in a coma for 6 months she started dating a guy that was there visiting his wife who had been in a coma for years. Susan and this guy are still dating and Mike doesn't remember their relationship. Edie actually made him think that they (he and Edie) had dated before the accident. She dumped him when he went to jail though.

    Carlos and Gabrielle got divorced because he was sleeping with the surrogate. The live in maid. Carlos is now living in Mike's house across the street. This way he can keep an eye on Gabrielle.

    Bree recently married Orson and everyone thought that he had killed his first wife Alma. Alma came back to let everyone know she wasn't dead but she wants everyone to think that he killed his mistress. Bree was looking around and found the pic of Orson and his mistress and the teeth. We're supposed to think they're the mistress' teeth and Alma did it. I think it's dumb that Alma would hide this in her kitchen pantry a few days after moving in.

    Bree Orson. Bree has a boy and girl (teenagers) from her first husband, Rex, who was killed by the guy that liked Bree. They dated when Bree and her husband were separated. Her son is gay.

    Susan Karl. Divorced. Teenage daughter, Julie. Julie is dating Edie's nephew but found out on the last show that he's sleeping with Bree's daughter. Side note. Karl dated Edie for a while.

    Lynette Tom. Three boys all under 8 or so. Tom has a daughter from a one night flig before he and Lynette married. He found out about her around a year ago. The mom was shot in a grocery store hold up and now the daughter is living with Lynette and Tom.

    Mary Alice (dead) Paul. One son, Zack. They kidnapped him. He's the guy that was sending Gabrielle flowers in the last show. He got money from his grandfather. He's actually Mike's son and I think the dead woman Mike is in jail for killing is his mom. Not sure about that one though.

    Gabrielle Carlos. None. I think the surrogate had a miscarriage or something.

    You can view all the transcripts... http://desperatehousewives.ahaava.com/episodes.htm

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    Mary Alice killed herself because she was hifing something.

    Edie has always been a part of the Wisteria Lane clan. SHe may not be liked by all, but she is definitely a big part.

    Mike is in jail because they are accusing him of killing Monique (Bree's husband, Orson's, former mistress)

    Gabby and Carlos cheated on each other A LOT and they were basically mad when they got divorced adn now they're there for each other.

    Bree was holding Monique's teeth. They were found in the house that Alma (Orson's ex-wife) just bought which used to belong to the people that used to handcuff their son in the basement cause he had killed someone before and couldn't control himself.

    I do know that Bree has two kids.

    The girl (Danielle)is sleeping with Edies' nephew (Austin), which happens to be with Susan's daughter (Julie) and she told him he was cheating last night after she found the birth control pills.

    The son is supposed to be helping Lynette's husband and her husband is opening up the pizza parlor.

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    Mary Alice committed suicide because she was being blackmailed.

    I'm not sure why Edie became a part of the clan.

    Mike was married but he no longer is and he is in jail because they claim he killed someone but he had a bad case of amnesia and can't remember anything.

    Carlos and Gabby got divorced because they couldn't stand to be around each other anymore and they began to compete on dates.

    They found this body and thought it was Bree's husband ex-wife and the corpse didn't have teeth.

    Bree and Orson and Lynette and Tom are the only ones married.

    Bree has 2 kids(a boy and a girl) by her previous deceased husband Rex. Lynette has 3 boys and 2 girls( the older girl is her husbands daughter). Susan has a daughter. Edie has her nephew. Carlos and Gabby didn't have kids. I'm not sure of any of their ages.

    I hope I have helped you.

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    Mary Alice killed herself because someone found out she took Zach (her son who was seducing Gabrielle last night) away from Diedra (mike's ex girlfriend). Diedra came to take zach back after cleaning up her drug habit and Mary Alice and Paul (guy in jail with mike) Young killed her and buried her in the back yard. That is why Mike originally moved to Wisteria Lane, to find Diedra's Killer. Little did he know he would find out he had a son too.

    Edie has always been around, but she's not really their friend.

    Mike is in Jail for the murder of Monique, who is Orson's exlover. The teeth Bree found were Moniques. When the police dug up her body, all her teeth had been pulled. I'm assuming Alma killed Monique and pulled the teeth to make it llok like orson the dentist did it.

    Carlos and Gabby got divorced cause she cheated, then he cheated, then she didn't love him anymore, etc. BUt I have a feeling they'll get back together.

    Lynette is Married to Tom (The pizza Couple)

    Susan is divorced and dating Ian - used to date Mike before his amnesia (ORson hit him with a car last saeson)

    Bree is Married to Orson

    Edie is single

    Gabby and Carlos are Divorced.

    Susan has 1 Daughter Julie (who was cheated on)

    Lynette and Tom have 3 boys (parker, preston and ?) A baby girl (penny) and recently adopted Kayla, Tom's Love Child, who's mother was murdered in the supermarket shootout.

    Bree has 2 - Andrew, her gay teenage son who works at the pizza parlor, and Danielle, her tramp daughter who was caught hooking up with Austin

    Edie's nephew Austin lives with her

    Gabby and Carlos have no children. Gabby had a miscarriage and then their surrogate baby turned out to be someone elses.

    Hopes This Helps!

    Source(s): Haven't missed an episode yet!
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    mary alice got murdered

    edie is just there im not sure

    mike is in jail because the police thought that he murdered a gurl but he didnt because he was in a coma and hes not married

    they got divorced casue they fought to much and gabi had a money problem

    there isnt a history there was a gurl who was murdered (the gurl mike is in jail for) its a mystery y bre was holding the gun thats y u have to wait til next week and they were teeth i think alma murdered the gurl that mike is in jail for

    gabi isnt maried bre is married to almas ex husbard rorsen susan likes mike and the british dude and lanett is married to the guy who is making the pizza bar place

    bre has 2 kids im not sure how old they are and i dont remember their names theres a girl and a guy (the girl is the one that was sleeping with that dude on the couch and the guy is the one playing the game boy in the pizza place) un laett has 4 3 boys and a girl (they are little and i only no ones name and its parker) susan has 1 (the girl on the porch crying at the end) and gabi doesnt have kids

    Source(s): i watch the show
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    In season 1 we found out that Mary Alice killed herself because she killed the mother of her son, Zack. Mary Allice's son was from a drug addict and I forget how exactly Mary Alice came to have Zack, but she did, and when the birth mother came back to get Zack, Mary Alice killed her. I think Edie was mainly added to the clan because she was popular with viewers, not sure about that one. Carlos and Gabriele got divorced because Carlos had an affair with the maid (although in season 1 Gabi had an affair with the garnder) and Gabi said that Carlos's affair wasn't the same as hers because Carlos had an emotional connection to the maid as well, not just a sexual one. The thing about the teeth is that Bree's husband had an affair with a woman named Monique, who has now turned up dead. When the cops found the body they said that someone had ripped all of the teeth out, so now it kinds of makes it look like Orson's ex did it. Mike is in jail because they think that he killed Monique...something about a bloody wrench or something. He's not married to anyone, but before Orson hit him with the car (which erased Mike's memory) Mike was going to propose to Susan. I'm not sure about all the kids...I know Susan has one, Julie. Bree has 2 I believe, a boy and a girl, both teens. Edie doesn't have any, but her nephew is staying with her. Linette has 4 I think...3 boys and a baby girl, but now her husband's child with another woman is living with them too.

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    mike is in jail cause they say he murdered some chick that the dentist dated who is now married to bree.

    carlos and gabrielle divorced cause they had a housekeeper that worked for them and they couldnt concieve so they asked her to please be a sarigent mother for them and this way she would be able to stay in the us cause she was an immigrant

    well gab had cheated on carlos with the pool boy so he slept with the housekeeper. the teeth that bree was holding is the chick's that was killed that they think mike did but really didnt brees husband dated her at one point and alma's house is where she found them and alma is brees husbands ex. alma disappeared casue her hubby didnt love her and she left maken everyone think that her hubby killed her.

    people not married are







    people married to one another is

    lynette and tom they have 4 kids together and a daughter from toms a\other realationship

    bree and orson

    have the 2 kids but are from brees former relationship

    ian and susan are dating

    susan has one kid

    eddie has no kids just a nephew austin

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    Mary Alice shot herself because they killed the real mom of Zach her son.

    Edie is a new character

    Mike isn't married to anybody he was going to propose to Susan when Bree's husband ran him down in the car.

    Carlos and Gabby got divorced for reasons that never made sense

    The teeth were from Orson's ex lover I believe who is dead and that is who Mike is in jail for right now.

    Names of kids? The show aint that good go to abc.com and look up the shoe sizes of all the boys..

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    1. mary alice killing herself had something to do with the fact that her son, zak(sp?), was not really her own son. he was the son of this one girl who had a drug addiction and mary alice had helped at some camp or something, and mike.

    2. edie is not really a part of the "clan" they talk to her i guess.

    3. mike is in jail becuase he is accused of murdering a girl. he cant remember anyhting bc in the last episode of season two, orson (bree's new hubby) hit him with his car. if you've been watching recent;y you know who the woman is, orson had an affair with her... no one knows that orson was the one that hit mike.

    4. carlos and gabby got divorced becuase carlos had an affair with their maid who was from china and was also carrying their baby throgh artificial incemination (i sthat the word?). the baby ened up being black becuase it wasnt theirs and the hospital had messed up and switched the embryos or something. their own baby "did not take"

    5. nobody knows about the teeth yet

    6. lynette and that guy (cant remember his name) the one with the pizzaria. they have 3 boys and a step daughter. gabby was married with carlos. bree and orson, two kids one boy one girl in their teens. susan isnt married with one girl. edie isnt married, doesnt have any kids. sorry im not good with names. i just remember faces and such.

    it;s a pretty good show. you should def rent the previous seasons

    Source(s): i've been watching since season 1. =] you should aslo check out grey's anatomy
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    Edie has always been on the show.

    Mary Alice killer herself. Gun to the head, I think

    Mike is accused of Murder.

    Carlos and Gabby cheated on each other too much.

    Lynette has four and one step daughter

    Bree has 2

    Susan has 1

    Gabby none

    Edie None But her nephew lives with her.

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