What 3 NFC AND AFC team are goin to do successful next year?

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    Not one person mentioned Tennessee. The Titans finished the year what 8-1? That's pretty damn good. With Vince Young having a year of experience under his belt, I think the Titans will be a force next year. You have to always include the Patriots. Because Bill Bellichick and Tom Brady will find a way to pull out wins one way or another. And finally for the AFC I would have to pick the San Diego Chargers. I know they have a much more difficult schedule next year, but I think they get 6 wins against their division rivals. I don't think the Chiefs, Broncos or Raiders will be on par with a Charger team fresh off a superb season, especially if they get a new coach. I like Marty, but if they get a new coach they've got to believe if they can duplicate this past season they could be much more successful in the post season.

    So my AFC picks are Tennessee Titans, New England Patriots, and San Diego Chargers. Let's also keep an eye out for the Colts, the Jets, Jaguars, Chiefs, Ravens, and Bengals. They all had excellent seasons and I look forward to more good football out of those teams.

    For the NFC...I think the Eagles would have to be an obvious pick. They really pulled it together when all seemed lost and despite how well the Saints played in the Divisional Game that game was up for grabs all the way through the end. The Eagles played well...and I think their should be a quarterback controversy in light of how well Jeff Garcia performed. Regardless, I think the Eagles have a bright season coming up. I half agree with the poster that said the Saints were a one hit wonder, but the reason why I'm still picking them is because, they have Drew Brees who's playing phenomonally and they have Reggie Bush, who's only a rookie, but doing great things, and they have Marques Colston, and Joe Horn who should be healthy. And finally they have Deuce McAllister. That's still a lot of Offensive fire power for the NFC teams to try to run with, and quite frankly I don't think teams will be able to hang with them. There Defense isn't the greatest but it's not Arizona's or the 49er's either. I expect another good year out of the Saints next year, keeping in my mind their great year this year is still on going. Finally my last NFC pick is the Seattle Seahawks. I think they hit the injury bug this year during a crucial stretch, and to their top two players. I think next year if they can avoid that misfortune they will once again be a team to reckon with. They still have their core players from their Super Bowl team last year, and a great coach in Mike Holmgren. I think the NFC will be relatively weak again, but I expect good years out of the Philadelphia Eagles, New Orleans Saints, and Seattle Seahawks.

    Also keep an eye out for the Carolina Panthers who have got to be very disappointed in themselves after a very very poor season. The 49ers finished the year with a decent record as did the Packers. The Giants and Cowboys if they can get over their internal problems are poised to have pretty good years, and let's not forget as mediocre as the Rams looked, they didn't finish too badly either. Arizona has a very capable offense if they can fix some lapses on both sides of the ball they could be a .500 team.

    The only teams I look at to continue struggling are my Oakland Raiders, the Detroit Lions, Cleveland Browns, Houston Texans (although they are getting better and in a couple years may just be +.500 although in the AFC that still means no playoffs), and the Washington Redskins.

    My question marks go to the Minnesota Vikings, Miami Dolphins, Buffalo Bills, Denver Broncos and the Chicago Bears. I want to see what the Bears do this weekend and in the offseason should the Bears lose to the Saints.

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    AFC-- Colts, Pats and Chargers. Ravens could be but they just have no offense.

    NFC. The NFC east is going to be hot again and tear each apart.

    Eagles and Cowboys will both finish at 10-6 and be the 2 strongest teams followdd by the Bears. The Saints are a 1 hit wonder who are living magical this year but will be just ok next year.

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    AFC: Colts, Bengals, Chargers

    NFC: Bears, Giants, 49ers

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    Seattle(recover from injuries), Cowboys(shouldn't lose anybody in offseason), and New Orleans for the NFC.

    For the AFC I would have to say first off is the Colts and Patriots as usual, and then I would have to say Baltimore will still have their team together.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Bears, Cowboys, Panthers in NFC

    Colts, Chargers, Broncos in AFC

  • Nunya
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    AFC- Colts (They have had a winning season every year they have had Manning), Chargers (LT isn't going anywhere), Patriots(Tom Brady is the most consistent QB around)

    NFC-This is harder........

    Cowboys (They are a young team that is only going to get better), Eagles (They've got 2 good QB's), Saints (I think they will take the momentum from this year into next season)

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    AFC - Chargers, Ravens, Broncos

    NFC - Bears, Eagles, Saints

  • 1 decade ago

    AFC- Colts- Pats-Steelers


  • 1 decade ago

    San-Fran, N-Orleans and Chicago in the NFC

    S-Diego, Cinci and Miami in the AFC

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    good question


    Rams, Eagles, Bears


    Steelers, Jaguars, Patriots

    Superbowl- Rams vs. Patriots [rematch of '01]

    Rams have steven jackson who is excpected to be even more incredible.

    Eagles need 5 months to pull it together

    Bears wont have as many injurys

    Jags running game will be even more superbowl like.

    Patriots are always great

    Steelers made a run at the end of this season and with a new system could be that last piece to the puzzle.

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