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Harper as prime minister?

Does anyone agree with me . I think our prime minister Steven Harper does everything just like bush. Apparently now bush wants to send more troops so does Harper. I think we should have another election and get rid o f his sorry ***** and send him crying to his mother. As you can tell I didn't vote for him he reminds me of Brian Mulroney. I wish ppl would wake up and see him for what he really is. He is Bush's dog on a leash.

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    Unless you live in the riding of Calgary Southwest, you COULDN'T have voted for Mr. Harper. How sad is it when you have to get schooled on your own system of government by an American?

    Twelve years of the Grits brought you nothing but economic ruin, a falling out with your closest neighbor and ally, and corruption on a scale unseen in Canada since Maurice Duplessis ran Québec as his own personal fiefdom.

    President Bush didn't say a word about increasing troop levels in Afghanistan. Considering Canadian Forces are not in Iraq, I'd say you have your "facts" jumbled.

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    I will not sully every other mister by calling him MR. Harper.He is known as Bush #3 to most. He has no balls and will screw this country royally within a couple of years.Yes the liberals stole a great deal of money and were not held accountable for it. Wait til you see what Harper will do.Mulroney debt will only be a shadow when Harper gets done.

  • Last time I checked harper didn't say anything about sending more troops to Afganistan, and if he were he'd be dumb. I also to my understanding he is sending more aid than troops. I also know that he is nothing like that Mulroney, even Mulroney knows that LOL. Damn you should pay attention and the fact that Mr Harper is putting forth more strick policies on environment to the Liberal obviously it isn't enough. you really gotta pay attention to both sides of the story to pick out the **** that both sides feed you.

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    Taken another "liberal" red book pill, I see. Exactly what has Harper done in his short time in office that makes you feel his is a Bush lackey? He hasn't sent our troops to Iraq. He has only continued our commitment as a UN member in Afghanistan, which by the way , was under the Liberal led government at the time. He has lived up to his election promise to introduce a bill on accountability, remember Gomery Inquiry, the hotel fiasco in Quebec, allowed a free vote on same sex marriage, has a new softwood lumber deal . That makes him a Bush dog? How soon you have forgotten all the Liberal lies and scandals of the previous Cretien and Martin years, scrap the GST, get out of the free trade deal, gun registry, sponsorship scandal. I could go on but you get my drift. Before you start ranting about budget surplus's , take a second to remember where those budget surplus's came from, cuts to E.I. and increased revenues from the GST. As far as people waking up, we have, we did, that is why the corrupt Liberal party is on the outside looking in.

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    I see you for what you really are. Someone without a clue. You have no facts, no back up and are wrong on almost every point you bring up. A typical gut reaction from a non-thinking easily influenced leftist. You will eventually have to think for yourself and it is then that you will make some correct decisions.

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    You rally have no idea what the heck you're talking about.

    Don't worry, next federal budget there will be a non-confidence vote and you'll get your election. Then you will have a minority Liberal government with Stéphane Dion at the helm.

    Do you really think we'll notice anything different?

  • jerry
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    he would be better

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