Song for an 11 yr. old child to sing at mom and stepdad's wedding?

My niece wanted to sing "I hope you dance" by lee ann womack at her mom and stepdad's wedding as a tribute to her new family. Well she was told it's a sentimental song to me and my daughter, I don't care if she sings it, that's fine with me. Her mom told her no, pick something else. Does anyone have an suggestions on what she should sing? The genre doesn't matter!

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    Tell Her she should "sing" whatever she feels like, Tell her mum to be at least happy, her Daughter is happy for marriage.

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    Why don't you talk to her mother and tell her that you want her to sing "I Hope You Dance"? Maybe if her mother hears it from you (especially if you tell her you WANT your niece to sing in and not you "don't care") she will let her. It's hard for a kid that age to learn a song, and even harder still to put feeling into it if they don't have the feeling themselves.

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    properly, it relies upon on your wedding ceremony yet while that's extra classic than present day i might have her sing Hallelujah because of the fact sounds sturdy for any singer base (low) to soprano (severe). i wish that facilitates, i sang Hallelujah at a christening and it labored truly properly and that's generally happening to be sung at weddings. i wish that facilitates, Stephanie -xx-

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    yes let her sing that song as long as she can sing really good it is a wonderful song and good for a wedding just make sure she can sing, and doesn't have stagefright

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  • 1 decade ago

    maybe she could sing "picture" but it may be a bad idea since there is ONE bad word in it. or you could look up love songs in the yahoo search engine?

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