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5 facts regarding southwest Airlines and customer service?

i am needing info for a class project

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    I'd check out this link which gives you a good summary about this airline - From there, you can pick out which facts you'd like to use in your class project.

    Here are a few that I quite like:

    1. Southwest airlines does not assign seats.

    2. The only major airline to make any money post 9-11.

    3. Only flies Boeing 737s, and is the biggest operator of 737s in the world.

    4. Is publicly traded with a stock symbol of LUV.

    Good luck!!

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    Here's one "fun" fact:

    Southwest Airlines flight attendants wear (or wore?) very casual type uniforms and once when I wrote a letter to Herb Kelleher himself (the founder of Southwest Airlines), I got a response that explained these uniforms are called "funwear"!

    I'm old-fashioned about these things and think these uniforms make the flight attendants look like they work at McDonald's. I wish that flight attendants still dressed like the ones you see in the movie "Catch me if you Can" (starring Leonardo DiCaprio).

    This was about 10 years ago, so they may have changed their uniforms since then. It is ironic that they dress so sloppily now because in the early days, Southwest flight attendants wore mini-dresses (or hot pants maybe?) and the appeal of the ads was definitely directed to businessmen if you get my drift.

    Here's another: Until recently, Southwest Airlines could not fly into or out of Dallas/Fort Worth airport but instead had to use Love Field because of something called "The Wright Amendment." I believe this has changed recently but you may want to check.

    Also, here's another funny thing: Southwest Airlines does not sell their tickets through any leisure-oriented online travel agency. Why? Because they don't want the prospective passenger to see that their fares are the same as other airlines so they can maintain their "fly for peanuts" image. The fact of the matter is, despite the fuel hedging they did (as another answerer explains), they still have to have the same fares as the other airlines or they would not be profitable. Also, by the way, these valuable fuel hedges have expired and their profits were down last quarter. Fact check this too though! I'm not doing your whole homework assignment for you!

    "Fly for peanuts" one of Southwest Airlines' first big market campaigns when they were engaged in cutthroat competition with their arch revival -- American Airlines.

    Source(s): Used to work for travel agency.
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    An interesting fact for a class project;

    Southwest has been able to remain profitable while all the other airlines have lost money for one major reason; Fuel hedging. Unlike the average consumer that goes to the gas station and pays for the fuel at the pump, the larger airlines buy huge amounts of fuel at a set price, good for x amount of years. This is called fuel hedging. Southwest made a very very good deal when they negotiated their last deal, and it's this cheap fuel that has made them able to be both profitable and so cheap. Once their current deal runs out (I believe next year, but someone might know this more accurately) Southwest will have to pay more for their fuel, and as such, either raise prices or lose profit.

    It has also helped them a lot that they only have one type of airplane to operate, the Boing 737. This has enabled them to streamline not only maintanance but also crew training, amongst other things.

    Source(s): Work as a pilot
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    To add to Lier...the hedging is or has run out, they recently have raised fares and are no longer as competitive in many markets. I still find better fares with more non-stop routes on major airlines than on Skunkwest. They are not on travel websites because they claim to be a discount or low cost carrier, Jet Blue is another airline you will not find on travel sites. They feel their fares are so low they don't need any help selling them.

    Right now they have a "cattle call" style seating where you basically have to fight for a seat like you would on a school bus in grade school. Not sure if the coolest people still sit in the back though. But they are test marketing assigned seating. Too many people HATE the cattle call and prefer assigned seating.

    But, keep an eye on them and you will see fares are going up because their fuel that has been stockpiled is close to running out, so they are having to pay current fuel prices too.

    Industry wise, they are like the Wal-Mart of the skies.

    Source(s): Worked for a major airline and I will NEVER fly Southwest.
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    All I know is that they are the only airline that are not on Expedia and Travelocity so when searching for the cheapest fare you have to call SW directly. Also they do not travel to all parts of United States. Good luck with the other three factors!

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    jetBlue Airways also only sells tickets through their own site. And they only operate A320s and only recently added Embrarers to their fleet. jetBlue's big thing is the satellite TV thing.

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    -they have discounted prices

    -based in texas

    -don't assign seats

    -the staff is usually pretty friendly

    check their website

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