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Shouldn't Israel have refused to transfer $100 million plus in funds till the government was brought down?

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    What government are you talking about. The Fatah government is cooperating in every way with Israel. In turn, Israel will support Abbas and his Fatah party. By releasing this money, the financial pressures faced by the Palestinian authority will be somewhat relieved, at least temporarily, and will raise support for Fatah over Hamas!

    There is no question that Hamas must go, in order for there to be a chance for lasting peace in the Israel/Palestinian dispute! Both sides must show good intentions for this to happen. This is a positive next step.

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    I have not heard anything about this. To which government do you refer? And what would provide the Israeli government with a sufficient incentive to part with $100 million - which, though it is but a drop in the bucket of what it extorts from other countries each year, is nevertheless a surprising amount to see coming out of the pockets of Jews.

    Oh, now I understand. I read the answer by "briang731... bvincent." It sounds like that $100 million belonged to the Palestinians already, and the Israeli government had confiscated it and had been holding it away from the hands of its rightful owners. The "transfer" of the money was really just a case of a thief giving up what he stole.

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