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How do you view BAS extension files on your PC with windows XP?

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    windows xp has BAS extension files,

    List of Banned Three Letter Extensions

    The 'Type of File' listed below is a best efforts list. Any given three letter extension may be used by more than one program.

    xxx - Type of File

    ade - Access Project Extension

    adp - Access Project file

    bas - BASIC program

    bat - DOS batch file script

    chm - Compiled HTML file

    cmd - 1st Reader External Command Menu

    com - Command file (program)

    cpl - Control Panel Module

    crt - Certificate file

    eml - Outlook Express message

    emf - Enhanced Windows Metafile (Graphic format)

    exe - Executable file (program)

    hlp - Windows help file

    hta - HTML file

    inf - package information file

    ins - Install script

    isp - Sign-up file(X-Internet)

    jse - Javascript?

    lnk - Shortcut file (Windows)

    mdb - Access database

    mde - Access file

    msc - Common console document (Windows 2000)

    msi - Installer program

    msp - Windows Installer patch file

    mst - Windows Installer transform

    pcd - P-Code compiled test scripts

    pif - Program information file (Win 3.1)

    rar - archive format - banned temporarily 22/12/05.

    reg - Registration file

    scr - Screen saver

    sct - FoxPro forms

    shs - Shell scrap file

    url - Internet shortcut file (Universal Resource locator)

    vbs - Visual Basic program

    vbe - Visual Basic related






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    go start menu


    all files and folders

    write in the space


    look in My computer

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