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What do you think are the root causes of the problems in Syria, Lebanon and Iran?

What can be done to help stabilize these countries, especially Lebanon, which we have a chance at saving?

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    The problems are very long in origin. Current woes go back to the establishment of Israel as a nation in 1948 and the subsequent wars, especially the seven day war in which Israel annexed parts of some of the Arab nations.

    I'm not sure that there is really anything that can be done to stabilize the area - each side has their own ideas - each feels they have been wronged and none are willing to give up the pent up anger and hatred. It is very sad.

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    You cannot 'stabilize' a country that is being hijacked by another country, more wealthy and powerful.

    Extremist religion is only a vehicle for taking and consolidating power - it isnt the driving force - which is the good old desire for one state to control others to its own advantage.

    Iran dominates and controls Syria with carrots and sticks (mostly carrots). Syria willingly complies. It does it to Lebanon with various kinds of bullying, incitement of sectors of the population, takeover of government, etc.

    This is not a situation that lends itself to 'stabilization'.

    Iran needs to be dealt with using the most powerful measures we have - all of them (except for military - unless they go on the offensive). What is standing in our way of doing this is the unwillingness of the international community to take a stand.

    Good luck to us. This is going to come back and bite us - not just poor Lebanon.


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    syria and iran are the problem root which is not helping in Lebanon. but if they go away Lebanon will be free and people will live in peace.


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    The musilim religion has been hi-jacked by the radical Emoms and their followers. We are all infidels acording to their beliefs. We should either convert to their religion or be killed according to them. If we don't get smart soon we will have to live under Shira law. or die. and I don't think that would be fun.. Blame Bush- Thats what the people who don't understand or don't want to understand say?

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    Religious extremism.

    You know the few people in power that have those 7th century ideas trying to impose those ideas in the 21st century .

  • Causes: Religion.

    Help stabilize countries: Get rid of religion.

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    Religion is part of it. Another is oil which allows the government to fund it self without being accountable to the people.

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    They are under the threat is Israel terrorism

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    nothing a few atomic bombs wouldnt solve...make it one big sandlot we pump oil out of.

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    stop racism and zionism. thomas

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