What US State Capitol building is topped by a statue of a native American brave?

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    usa Capitol -------------------------------------- interior sight people do get their due only 2 blocks south. looking down from atop the dome of usa Capitol is a bronze female referred to as the “Statue of Freedom.” travelers take her to be an American Indian by way of fact she wears a buffalo gown and her helmet is crowned via an eagle’s head and flowing plumage. additionally, the colonies and later the recent u . s . a . oftentimes used an Indian to represent liberty. to that end the statue exemplifies W. I. Thomas’s dictum, “If adult males define situations as authentic, they are authentic of their consequences” Her effective properties are too distant to work out of course, so if maximum people think of her American Indian, then for useful purposes she is. in actuality, her headdress is neither American Indian nor does it represent liberty. Jefferson Davis, Secretary of war during the Pierce administration, objected to the unique layout, a “liberty cap” worn via French revolutionaries. He hectic that this can supply slaves recommendations of freedom and ordered a feathered helmet encircled via stars as a replace.

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