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What's Your Take on Award Shows (especially movies/TV)?

Here's how I feel. They are a complete waste of my time! Awards are given to actors/actresses based on sentiments (losing a loved one), media hype, and years of service. Rarely are awards given to people who are deserving of them. Gone are the days when I would stay up no matter the hour to view an award show even if it meant going to work groggy next day. Haven't done this in too many years than I care to remember. Merit is out, favoritism is in. I hear about the show, don't give a hoot and just satisfy my curiosity next day by checking the final results (which are always predictable). Gone are the days when one sat and waited with baited breath on the edge of his/her seat in a nail-biting moment before the winner is announced because the runnings were so close (not to mention based on talent/performance). How I miss those days! Please weigh in on this and keep it clean all. Thanks for your participation on this topic.

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    award shows are a big YAWN! i use to watch them too. the reporters covering it are so butt kissing it is sick. if i want to see what they wore i can go online and see the pics. really these shows are a bunch of overpaid people patting each other on the back.

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    You're definitely not alone. Once upon a time I used to love watching the Oscars, but after a few years of being flabbergasted at both the nominees and the winners, I simply quit caring. (And watching.) It's the "HUH? WHO? WHAT? WHY!?" Syndrome.

    Side note: Apparently the Golden Globes have been on an upswing ratings-wise the past two years, though they are still several million viewers down from their peak. Guess someone still likes watching.

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    I just like watching to see what everyone is wearing. lol. And I also watch to see just the major categories like best actor, actress, and movie. The other ones are boring to me with the exception of a few I can't remember. i am not sure I agree with you about them playing favorites. I think it is still pretty fair, but yeah it is very predictable because usually there are only a couple shows/movies that stand out in the lot and are really good.

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    I don't pay too much attention to them anymore since tv, movies and music is not that good anymore either.

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    AWARD FUNCTION is really very filmi.deserved people will never get also politics....simply wastage of time.our critics are bluff masters...

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    I agree with you.

    I haven't watched them for years.

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    they are boring and stupid

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