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Is Leonardo DiCaprio at his best in The Departed?

First off I am NOT a Leo Fan. Not one of his movies has excited me - not even while everyone was raving about "The Aviato" and that other movie he did with Tom Hanks, as well as "Titanic". However, that all changed last night when I saw "The Departed". This guy deserves to win the Academy for Best Actor for his role in this movie. I was riveted. I wanted to stand up and applauid. He really out-did himself and I am truly impressed with that performance. Still not a fan but I call it like I see it. He totally sucked in Blood Diamonds. Weigh in on this folks would love to hear from you all. Cheers!

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    I think he did a great job. It's the first movie I've seen him in where he actually came off as a grown man who just looks a little boyish, instead of a boy trying to act like an adult. I realize he can't help how young he looks, and of course chicks like him anyway, but I didn't buy his characters in Titanic and Gangs of New York.

    I liked him OK in Catch Me If You Can ... that role made perfect sense for him, because the character was a teenage boy trying to pass himself off as fully grown.

    As for The Departed ... I liked everything about that movie, including DiCaprio. Never would have thought he'd be believable as a tough guy, but the character had kind of that edge of desperation and vulnerability that made him seem more real. Haven't seen Blood Diamond yet, so I've got no opinion on that one, but hooray for everyone that had anything to do with The Departed.

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    i just want to say this....about The Departed...I really liked the movie but I noticed a lot of continuity errors which really distracted me....I am not a very observant person either, so these things to someone else were probably so annoying......for scene Leo has a cigarettte and the next second in another shot no cigarette....then the tissue box kleenex up then down then up....sweaty in one shot not in the next....necklace inside shirt next shot was way to distracting ..i just thought that it was careless...

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    I really don't know. He was GREAT in Titanic.

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    i don't think so, Jack Nicholson was great though.

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