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Why do some people post rude and demanding details?

For example, "I want this..." and "Don't tell me to...". I can't believe these people. I ought to start charging them for my expertise. Or they state not to tell them to go to a manufacturer's website when sometimes that's the only resource they can use to resolve their issue. Are they mental? Stupid? Or just plain idiots?

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    Maybe they've already tried those solutions and are looking for other options? If they wouldn't say that a particular answer isn't the one they're looking for, they'll only get two dozen responses that are useless to them. Of course they can be a bit more tactful about it and simply *say* they've already tried the most obvious things...

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    People feel that they are the greatest at everything and are not exactly modest about it. Just shrug it off, it is just the internet anyway. Honestly think about how people are "big" when it comes to threats via the net. lol fight? No thanks =) lets just have coffee instead.

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    There are no stupid questions just stupid people.

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