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shaky hands...whats going on?

This doesnt happen all the time or everyday but a few times a week when i triy to hold my hand still, like while taking notes in class my hand starts shaking when I stop writing or when I'm holding a piece of paper or a tray of food I don't even realize it until someone tells me or I look down. It's getting a little embarassing. What could be causing this?

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    Do you have anyone in your family shaking? If so, maybe you have Essential Tremors, as they run in the family. Neurological disorder that can occure at any age and affect any part of the body (specially the hands). Visiting neurologist may be the best answer.

    If u need somebody to talk to feel free to write:

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    This is speaking from total experience. I tremor and shake without even realizing it. It was very bad before I went for a in depth ultra sound and a tumour was found on my adrenal gland. The Adrenal gland pumps the adrenaline to your heart everyone has two glands. The shakes and tremors were caused from the tumour filling with adrenaline then bursting and causing tremors due to far too much adrenaline in the heart and body at one time. I ended up doing for more tests and a 5 hour xray to locate the tumour exactly and the full size of it. the disease is called a Pheocomocytoma it is very rare I had experimental surgery and experimental drug to bring down the heart rate in case it burst during surgery that was when I was 32 I am 41 now and sometimes I do still get the tremors and it is very embarrassing I have one adrenal gland left> I would if I were you have that checked out. I do not want to frighten you but make sure first.

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    The first source below is a medical research site where one may learn about various diseases and well as, physiological symptoms. The second source below is the response to a search for 'trembling'. There are five pages containing the word trembling...research at your leisure.

    I suggest that you contact a physician because it could be very important if the diagnosis turns out to be neurologically based. Parkinson's Disease and some other diseases have shakiness or trembling as a symptom. Maybe, it is just anxiety or nervousness brought about by academic stress.

    Good luck..get well soon!

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    Tremor. It's a symptom for a lot of different diseases, but it can also just be tremor on it's own. I explain it really horrible. Go on and lookup tremor. There's an excellent explanation.

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    i would watch your caffine intake

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