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Can drinking green tea give you fluorosis?


Most green teas contain fluoride; this is undisputed. I believe it depends upon the soil it's grown in, and when it is harvested (more mature leaves have more fluoride).

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    Tea is very high in fluoride content. Fluoride in tea is much higher than the Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) set for fluoride in drinking water. Dental fluorosis (mottled teeth) is the first visible sign of fluoride poisoning. Studies conducted on tea consumption in Tibetan children by Cao et al. found both dental (51.2%) and skeletal (32.83%) fluorosis, mainly as a result rom drinking brick tea, also known as milk tea (39). More studies by Cao and others reported similar results (40,41) as did a study from Chile showing dental fluorosis risks in 22.1% of the children consuming tea as a main beverage (42). Many similar studies on tea as well as other beverages have been published in the journals of the American Dental Association (ADA) or American Medical Association (AMA) themselves.

    Almost all green teas that are sold in our market today have higher concentration of fluoride (4-6ppm). Please be vigilant on the proper labeling of the content. BFAD should look into these matter seriuosly.

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    You'd more likely get it from tap water than green tea. If You're really worried get the deflorided green tea and drink well water.

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    Green tea don't contain Fluoride

    Green tea (= camellia Sinensis , botanical name.)

    this leaf is potent antioxidant (helpful for liver incase of hepatitis) and by this way it can prevent cancer.

    -It reduce the size of existing prostate due to Epigallo-catechin-gallate (EGCG)

    -incearse lipolysis (increase breaking of lipids in the body, by this way it decrease weight of the body and protect heart from arethrosclerosis)

    -It has caffiene (CNS,central nervous system, stimulator)

    -It has diuretic properties

    -Prevent osteopeosis

    N.B.: Don't drink black or green tea after eating directly, to prevent chelating of iron form the food and by this way iron won't absorbed

    Look at this


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    Not likely. Check other fluoride sources...your water, vitamins with fluoride, etc.

    Source(s): Asked my wife, a dental hygienest.
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    Adults can not get fluorisis very easily. Even if you downed a whole tube of toothpaste you wouldn't get it.

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    nope no way.....

    but onl very very very small chances if your a kid.

    But an adult would have to drink like a ocean full of it

    to get that

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