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bpiguy asked in Science & MathematicsGeography · 1 decade ago

College course -- National & State Boundaries?

It occurs to me that a combined history and geography course on national and state boundaries would be interesting. Some topics might include: Why does Michigan have an Upper Peninsula? How did the "Florida Counties" east of the Mississippi become part of Louisiana? Why is Vermont a state, not combined with New Hampshire, and why was Vermont the 14th state but not the 14th colony? What happened to the Plimoth Colony? What is the Adams-Onis Line? Why is Idaho a state, and why does it have that odd shape? Why is the New York-Connecticut border bent along the Westchester-Fairfield line? Why is there a zigzag at the Cumberland River along the Kentucky-Tennessee border?

I think this stuff is interesting. Any thoughts?

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    Yes, it is. It could even be "extended" to counties (or the equivalent) in almost any other country.

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