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Hi!!! About death note.... Is the 2nd movie out yet?

I know its called THE LAST NAME but where can I watch it

YOUTUBE doesn't have it TT.TT Last time I asked something like this it got deleted and I have no clue why!!

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    The 2nd DEATH NOTE movie only came out in Japanese Cinemas recently.

    There are no DVD's of the 2nd Death Note movie

    You can't watch it - unless you decide to go to japan

    OR if you want to give it a shot, look for Death Note Movie 2 CAM-RIPS, which are most likely _un_subtitled and have very very shoddy quality. -Cam-rips are straight from a camera, e.g. a guy sits in the cinema and films the entire movie

    So THERE is no "INTERNET" release of the Death Note Movie 2 until the actual DVDs come out.

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    yes it's already out. youtube is automatically erasing movies that are uploaded because of some rules thingy.

    all you have to do is to wait for it to release a vcd or dvd in stores!

    i love death note! im currently watching the anime on youtube! 15 episodes are out already!

    i also downloaded the manga but 12 volumes only here:


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    you tube DOES have it, but if you want it to be subbed, you might have to wait a while.

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    better check it out...

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    buy it.

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