Does soy baby formula cause infertitlity in males?

I took my son to see a pediatrician one time and when he found out I was giving him soy formula he asked me 'if i ever wanted to be a grandmother?' Is there any proof of this?

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    Is Soy Formula Safe?

    Parents frequently ask me about the safety of soy formula for infants. Babies who drink soy formula receive significant amounts of estrogen-like compounds (phytoestrogens) in the form of soy isoflavones. This happens at a developmental time when permanent effects are theoretically possible. Some have speculated that soy formula might be responsible for early puberty in girls or infertility in boys. The August 15, 2001 issue of The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) contains the results of a study of 811 adults, some of who drank soy formula as children and others who drank milk-based formulas. No statistically significant differences were observed between the groups in either women or men. They followed more than 30 different measures of general health or reproductive health. Breast milk is clearly the ideal food for babies, but this study is quite reassuring that soy formulas are a safe alternative. This is good news for babies who do not tolerate cow's milk formulas well.

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    You know if you google this...all you get is chat forums. And people opinions. just like here. There are a million things that are causing early puberty, cancer, etc. Maybe we should all think about this....EVERYTHING is going to make SOMEONE sick. Thats it. I have no problem with bee stings, my dad will die if he gets stung. I am just waiting for the day scientists decide that clean water causes mouth cancer... Also, I don't think homosexuality can be CAUSED, not sure though, I understood you were born that way

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    No there is no proof of it. My ex's nephew was on soy formula and he has fathered 4 rugrats...Maybe your doctor doesn't like soy products?

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    I've never heard of such a thing...

    BTW, your doctor sounds like a ****. I'm sure he could have found a more tactful and polite way of getting the point across.

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    I have never heard of this, thats kinda news to me

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