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Find the subject of the following sentences.?

Neither of the movies was especially funny.

Everybody in those classes gets to see the Balinese dancers.

Someone among the sotre owners donates the trophy each year.

Each of the Washington brothers study with a Zulu dance instructor.

No one on either team were ever in a playoff before.


A tidal wave, despite its name, is not caused by the tides.

An eruption beneath the sea causes a tidal wave.

A network of warning signal alert people in coastal areas of an approaching tidal wave.

The tremendous force of tidal waves cause great destruction.

Walls of earth and stone along the shore is often too weak to protect coastal villages.

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    To find the subject, you ask questions, such as:

    1. Who was especially funny?

    The answer is "neither of the movies", which is the subject of the verb "was". "Neither" is the head of the subject, and " of the movies" is a prepositional phrase (= prep. + object). The same goes for the other sentences:

    2. Everybody in those classes ("everybody" is the head; "in those classes" is the Prep. Phrase);

    3. Someone among the store owners ("someone" is the head; and "among the store owners", the prepositional phrase);

    4. Each of the Washington brothers ("each" is the head; "of the W. brothers" = prep. phrase);

    5. No one on either team ("no one" is the head; "on either team" = prep. phrase)

    Prepositional phrases complement the subject (= makes meaning complete). For example, "no one was ever in a play-off before" differs from "no one on either team were ever in a play-off before".

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    (But I've been out of school for a long time and have forgotten a lot)

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