Have you ever heard of the song 7 seconds?

Youssou N'Dour and Neneh Cherry recorded the song. Every person I know who has listened to this song says it leaves a haunting, a wanting in the pit of their stomaches. I felt the same. Is there is anyone else who felt this way. I never heard of a song that leaves the listener with the same feelings...

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    Yousou N'Dour sang the opening lyrics in his native tongue and that in itself is haunting;

    Boul ma sene, boul ma guiss madi re nga fokni mane

    Khamouma li neka thi sama souf ak thi guinaw

    Beugouma kouma khol oaldine yaw li neka si yaw

    mo ne si man, li ne si mane moye dilene diapale

    The song is obviously about racism and how we are all born without those feelings - society places them there so its up to society to break this sad circle of hatred.

    And when a child is born into this world

    It has no concept

    Of the tone the skin its living in

    Youssou N'Dour covers the middle section of the song, this time in French

    j'assume les raisons qui nous poussent de changer tout,

    J'aimerais qu'on oublie leur couleur pour qu'ils esperent

    Beaucoup de sentiments de races qui font qu'ils desesperent

    Je veux les deux mains ouvertes,

    Des amis pour parler de leur peine, de leur joie

    Pour qu'ils leur filent des infos qui ne divisent pas


    English translation -

    I assume the reasons that lead us to change everything,

    I wish we could forget their colour so they can hope

    lots of feelings for races which make them despair

    I want the two hands opened,

    and friends to talk about their life penalty, about their joy

    so they can give them infos that do not scatter


    A highly emotive song that still sets the hairs on end and a lump in the throat.

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