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How to get information from clever people, who dont want to tell u intentionally?

i m in this situation many times. whenever u r discussing the matter/subject ( anytype). some ppl dont provide u full information

intentionally. how to pull truth out?

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    People like that like to feel powerful or in control. The best way to drag information out of them is to play on this. Make them feel smart, praise them and agree with them to make it seem like you admire them so much to the point of idolization. Since many clever people are also self-absorbed, once you make them feel powerful and acknowledge their "brilliance," they won't be able to help themselves and will reveal the information that you need out of egoism. People like this have the tendency to talk if it will put them in the spotlight or boost their ego.

    Of course, you also have to be somewhat clever and not come off as being condescending.

    I've done this hundreds of times. It always works. Regardless of how clever they may be, ego always gets the better of them.

  • working with a deceptive mentalty requires working with a deceptive or affrontive mentalty and can require the assistance of others to ATTEMPT to achieve the aswers to your questions or the holding up of the truth.

    There are many ways to attempt to accomplish the ends to your efforts, but when stuborness or pride are combined with deception, your efforts will be met with resistance to even the apperently impossible degree

    Good luck with the truth thing cause it is NOT a prevelent human charachteristic much any more.

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    go off on a tangent about something else, then suddenly ask the question directly and press them for a quick answer. usualy they wont have time to make something up.

    i recommend a book called "How to get the truth from anyone"

    it's a great tool

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    If you know what a derivative is, then you look for them in the conversation and use them to slowly move in the direction of the information you seek.

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    I do not understand the intention. Live and Let live.

    This is an age of competition and all are vary I guess.

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    Analyse his behaviour well. This is a good question.

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