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Has anyone played "Rise table, Rise"?

I don't know what catagory this should be in--so put it here as it sure "played" with my mind! As a teenager, my family and freinds played this. Set up a light folding card table; four people stand around it, placing our hands softly, flat on the surface of the table. Then chant "Rise table, rise" over and over again. Suddenly it started raising up on two legs! No one was pushing down on any side, as we soon were able to move our hands on the "up" side and it still continued to tap out answers to our questions--one tap, yes; two taps, no. The answers were amazingly accurate and later, only one person could remain in contact with the table. This went on all evening, and as if it were tired, it finally started "tap-walking" it's way to the front door and STOPPED for the evening. We all were so spooked my folks never tried it again. I've never asked friends to try it, so I never have since that. If you've experienced this, please write--or if you have some educated guesses...

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    You, too??

    Yeah, we used to play it all the time until that one fateful day back in October of 1998. We were all standing around the kitchen table (it had been in my family for 3 generations) urging it to rise. Our chants started out as whispers, but then rose to a feverish pitch. It was only then that we realized that our voices weren't the only ones in the room. We froze in terror as the table began to slowly rise into the air. It began to spin wildly as the floor boards rumbled beneath our bare feet. All of a sudden, the table burst into flames! We scattered in all directions as the flames enveloped the room. We were barely able to escape before the only home we had ever known burned to the ground. Since that day, not one of us has ever spoken a word regarding what happened that dark day nearly ten years ago. Doing so would be to relive it. So, for our sanity, it was all just part of a very bad dream. Sometimes, when night falls and the air is thick and quiet, I can still hear the voices chanting, rise table, rise.....rise table, rise..........

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    Rise Table Rise

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    Me and 2 of my friends did this when we were teenagers. Rubbed our hands together for 60-90s, put our hands on top of the table and chanted. The table rose about 6-12 inches off the ground and tapped answers on the open corner. It was about a 20lb wooden table.

    We also used a Oijia board that weekend, where it proceeded to tell me the full name, where and when, I would meet my now wife.

    I was an athiest.

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    This sounds a lot like a Victorian parlour trick that mediums would perform to convince their customers that they were communicating with spirits. Don't believe everything you see, the hand is quicker than the eye!

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    it is called "table tipping" look up under spiritualist church on the web is well known and believed in those circles

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    Yes. Especially when their toes find my g spot.

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    You have summoned the 'table demon' from hell! Ahhhhh!!!! Run to the hills, the floating noodle is upon us!

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    Works great is it's juuust above yer knees, he he.

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    Only if its my hubby otherwise they get a swift kick.

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