Concerning the Holocaust and Israel?

Concerning Israel, first off, who's in the right? Israel was given to the displaced Jewish survivors of the Holocaust, but who did it belong to first? Palestine is obviously going about this the wrong way; violence rather than diplomacy, but imagine, just imagine for one second, that Palestine is in the right? In one sense, it could be said that Palestine is trying to get land back, but in another, it could be said the same that Palestine is trying to take land that didn't belong to them. What is your view on the matter, from both the Israeli and Palestinian views? And please, spare me sarcasm, if you must act sour, email whatever personal attacks you must send to me, but don't trash the question with them. It's unfortunate that I have to say that, but many of my previous questions have been hit with the poisonous remarks of people who didn't even have an answer, and in rare occasion by the incompetent altogether.


The second thing I ask is that the popular name for the Holocaust is the Jewish holocaust. The Holocaust is seen as a tragedy that happened to the Jewish. And while a lot of the hell that it was inflicted 6 million Jews, there are still 5 million not accounted for. Why is this same passion not seen for the Gypsies that died in the Holocaust, the Homosexuals, the Poles? Several non-Europeans also died in the Holocaust, along with British, American, French, and Soviet prisoners of war. The Holocaust was a hellacious event, but it was a tragedy that hit a large scope of people, not simply Jews.

And as a final clarification before someone comes with the attack, I am not anti-Semitic, nor am I impassionate to the plight of Jews, back then, nor today in Israel. No "I'm not racist, but"; simply put, I'm not, nor have I been, nor will I ever be, anti-Semitic.

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    The birth of Israel as a state is very conversal. You need to go back to the British mandate of Palestine, to try and figure out how the all happened. But if you would allow me to summize my understanding of what happened. Under the British mandate of Palastine Britian governed what was then part of the former Ottoman Empire, but are today Israel & Jordan. The British governed this terrority through the Palestinian Authority, or Plastine. The Jews have always had a presence in Palestine and a strong presence in what is todays Israel. When Britian made the decision to give up Jewish nationalism and Zionism grew to very high state and in the wake of WW2 despite British attempts to limit immigration to Palestine a very dramatic number of Jews migrated to palestine, plus in the wake of the Holocaust they gained international support.

    The UN stepped in and and approved the 1947 UN Partition Plan dividing the territory into two states, with the Jewish area consisting of roughly 55% of the land, and the Arab area consisting of roughly 45%. Jerusalem was to be designated as an international region administered by the UN to avoid conflict over its status. the Jews accepted the plan the Arabs did not, a war resulted, the Israels gained the Upper hand and basiclly in 1949 became a state. I find that the formatinon of the state of Israel was a big mistake for the UN and only happened because of the Holocaust. It is hard to trace a claim on land when both parties have been their since the dawn of time. The only time I even found a map of Palistine is post WW1 pre 1948.

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    Sure,no one is denying that Jews suffered during WW 2,but they were not the only ones...and I don't think that the Jews are entitled to a homeland,just because of the Holocaust...By this principle let's give the gypsies too a homeland,'cos they were victims of Holocaust too...It's wrong for a religion to have its own country...and more there is no place we could find to create a country for someone.One way or another they would have occupied someone's land...It was wrong to create Israel in Palestine,as it would be wrong to create it in another place...

    As for the reason that Jews lived there 2000 years ago,I am sorry,but I could not care less...Let's all leave our lands and give it back to the ones that lived thousand years ago there...The Arabs lived in that territory for the last centuries...

    I agree with the fact that Palestine is going about this the wrong way; violence rather than diplomacy...but diplomacy didn't worked...Look at what happened after the Oslo accord,when the PLO recognized Israel's right to exist:definitely nothing good for the Palestinians beside loosing more land...This doesn't mean that I say that the violence is the way to make things right,but when no one is listening to you,what else can you do?

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    the Holocaust is more associated with the Jews for a number of reasons. The most common would be that the cremations and poisoning began with them. It was designed specifically for them and was found to be a solution for other prisoners.

    As for Israel. Both peoples have a historical claim. the Palestinians are descendants of the peoples who have lived there for 6000 years and the Jews moved into the area after escaping slavery from Egypt. Both have been there for a long time with the exception of the time in which the Jews were displaced.

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    The first thing everyone must remember is that Palestine has never existed as a country or any sort of autonomous political body. The term Palestine is the same as New England or Brittany or any other description of a particular area in the world. The land that you say the arabs are trying to get back is land that they left voluntarily when the British gave the jews the right to build their own state in the region. Thats why there are still a number of arab-israelis who 60 years ago were identical politically, socially, and ethnically to our current day Palestinians.

    Its these reasons that I believe that Israel is in the "right". As to who it belonged to is a meaningless argument as technically the Jews were the first ones but something that happened 3000 years ago doesn't mean squat today. I can understand the arabs outrage at having a million or so foreigners landing on their soil in one mass emigration. That said the conflict back then is completely understandable on both sides since the jews were determined to form their own country and the arabs wanted to maintain the status quo.

    Today, however, Israel is one of the strongest states in the Middle East which along with Turkey is the only true democracy that allows many of the traditional western freedoms like freedom of speech, press, and religion. Not all of the Israeli actions have been correct or ethical in the past but seeing as they are currently surrounded by hostile states that are determined to destroy its political existence that should not come to a surprise.

    As for the Palestinians, they have dug their own grave as they refuse to accept an autonomous state which allows israelis to position their army throughout. While a two state solution is a nice dream it is impractical as Israel knows that should the military balance of power swing against them, they will be attacked by all of their neighbors in the region. As a result they must occupy the West bank in order to give them a cushion to defend their own major cities from attack. I understand the arabs desire to reclaim what they lost, but they have committed themselves to undermining both their future and the future for israelis in a blind pursuit of vengeance which benefits no one.

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    It was only after the Jews re-inhabited their historic homeland of Judea and Samaria, that the myth of an Arab Palestinian nation was created and marketed worldwide. Jews come from Judea, not Palestinians. There is no language known as Palestinian, or any Palestinian culture distinct from that of all the Arabs in the area. There has never been a land known as Palestine governed by Palestinians. "Palestinians" are Arabs indistinguishable from Arabs throughout the Middle East. The great majority of Arabs in greater Palestine and Israel share the same culture, language and religion.

    Much of the Arab population in this area actually migrated into Israel and Judea and Samaria from the surrounding Arab countries in the past 100 years. The rebirth of Israel was accompanied by economic prosperity for the region. Arabs migrated to this area to find employment and enjoy the higher standard of living. In documents not more than hundred years, the area is described as a scarcely populated region. Jews by far were the majority in Jerusalem over the small Arab minority. Until the Oslo agreement the major source of income for Arab residents was employment in the Israeli sector. To this day, many Arabs try to migrate into Israel with various deceptions to become a citizen of Israel.

    Even the Chairman of the Palestinian Authority, Arafat himself, is not a "Palestinian". He was born in Egypt. The famous "Palestinian covenant" states that Palestinians are "an integral part of the Arab nation" -- a nation which is blessed with a sparsely populated land mass 660 times the size of tiny Israel (Judea, Samaria and Gaza included).

    All attempts to claim Arab sovereignty over Israel of today, should be seen with their real intention: The destruction of Israel as a Jewish state and the only bulwark of the Judeo-Christian Western civilization in the Middle East.

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    Matt:23:37-39 provides us a clue. Up till the Stoning of Steven interior the e book of Acts financial disaster 7 The Jews have been God's particular people and it became in basic terms them that have been those the gospel message became given with the aid of. They have been meant to make converts of truthfully all people else. truly they saved to themselves and grew to alter into haughty. Jesus got here to tutor them how incorrect that they were and to coach them what they have been meant to have finished. After Acts financial disaster 7 the Jewish u . s . became rejected via God as an entire. this would not advise that this is hopeless for people however the rustic of Israel isn't decrease than God's particular path anymore. maximum would be shocked to earnings that the rustic IS prophesied approximately interior the Bible. Revelation thirteen:11-17

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    Jews started to return to their ancient homeland (Israel) in large numbers beginning in the mid 1800's. At that time, there were not many Arabs living there. When the Jews started to build a thriving agricultural and industrial economy, impoverished Arabs from neighboring countries came pouring in looking for work.

    Just take a look at the British Census reports from those years and you will see how this happened, or read "Innocents Abroad" by Mark Twain, or "From Time Immemorial" by Joan Peters.

    Obviously, the Holocaust created many Jewish refugees, and Israel was the natural place for them to go.

    It is unfortunate that many Arabs fled Israel when the neighboring Arab countries invaded it in 1948, but that is not really the fault of the Jews. The Arabs invaded Israel with the intention to kill all the Jews.

    I don't think anyone can argue against that.

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    The reason that Israel was created on Palestine was from the fact that that is were judaism originated from, and consequently Jews can lay claim to the fact that they were there before Palestians. However, the real issue here is what extremes people will go to in the protection of the belief that their religion is the right one. The sad thing is, if you took DNA tests of Palestanians and true Israelies (i.e. ones who can trace their lineage back to the area for several generations) you will see that they are in fact the same people of once race. They just chose to purse different religions thousands of years ago.

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    Many Jewish families BOUGHT land from Arabs during the 1800s to WWII. After WWII, Israel was created out of the British Empire.

    If anyone says "The Muslims were there first," they are failing to take into account that the Christians were there before that, and the Jews before the Christians. That is the problem with Jerusalem; it is a holy city for the Jews, Christians, and Muslims. The Jews now have control of it and are willing to share, but the Muslims want it for themselves.

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    Israel wasn't given to the Jews, there was a war, like most wars there was a winner and a loser, Palestine was a British protectorate before that war, and the British disarmed the Jews and refused to allow the Jewish refugees in an by doing so assumed the Arabs would win. But instead they 'sold' their land to the Jew figuring that they would take it back when they won. But they didn't, and so started what will continue for a very long time.

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