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i hear a lot of people say they go to a nut free school, what does that mean?

that doesn't make sense, whats a nut free school? How come they cant bring nuts (and it means the regular nuts i know it does not mean crazy people cause the context in it said that they couldn't bring almonds cause they go to a nut free school.)


but i heard they cant even bring a packed lunch with nuts.

Update 2:

but i heard they cant even bring a packed lunch with nuts.

Update 3:

oops i wrote it twice sry

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    A "nut free" school means no food products that contain nuts may be brought to school. Peanut butter is the most common. The reason for this is that nowadays so many children are allergic to nuts and they can get an anaphalactic reaction. They can die if they come in contact with any food product containing nuts and they don't have an epipen (a needle) to get the medication to counteract the reaction. Some kids can have a severe reaction just by touching food containing nuts. It is becoming more and more common and now most schools don't allow any foods containing nuts in their schools for the safety of those children who have allergies.

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    Since over the past few years alot more people have come down with nut allergies and for some odd reason a wopping 74% of kids today have a nut allergy, the schools have taken the the bull by the horns and is trying to fend off a potential disaster by getting rid of nuts and any and all nut products from the schools.

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    Nut allergies are extreme, unlike other food allergies, and can cause death. I am allergic to peanuts, have been all my life, I was so allergic I couldn't touch the handrails at the zoo, or eat at a friends house when I was a child. My only memory of what a peanut tastes like, well, there is no taste, it burned the inside of my mouth, caused blisters on my tongue and I couldn't breath. I woke up in a hospital after survivng heart failure. I was 13. It took one quarter of a peanut from an ice cream bar to take me out, and it only took about 30 seconds before I was unconscious.

    It is now known that some children under 4 haven't an immune system that can tolerate some of the enzymes in nuts, especially peanuts, and if they eat them at that time they develop a severe reaction. They never grow out of it, but it does seem to go in cycles. I am now 51 years old. My first reaction was at age 4 and the doctors had never even heard of a child allergic to peanuts.

    This difference made me feel singled out from the rest of the kids, I couldn't even buy an ice cream from an ice cream truck.

    My family moved to Southern California when I was 6 so that my allergy could be researched by Scripps Research Institute.

    I was one of 7 children in the US who were studied over the course of 30 years and because of the findings from that study children are diagnosed and treated easily today.

    My allergy was acute. I was allergic to all nuts. So acute that I could not drink water or bath or shower within 24 hours of a reaction or the reaction would reinitiate. This is true to this day.

    I have no idea how many emergency rooms I have been to because someone put nuts in an unusual place, like tuna salad, or in a vanilla milkshake, or in fried chicken.

    Finely ground nuts are almost always the 'secret ingredient' in someone's recipe. I know, these 'secret ingredients' have nearly killed me on several occasions. Collapsed lungs, heart failure

    seizures, systemic shut downs, all because of one tiny piece of a peanut.

    I was trained to read ingredient labels and I lobbied to have warnings on food stuff packages that declared whether or not that food was packaged in a facility that also processed any nut product.

    It has been such a part of my life all my life that I don't even think about it from day to day, no reason to.

    This particular anaphylactic allergy has nine year cycles, with the most severe reactions occuring during the arc. I know when I am most susceptible. That may be something a parent of an allergic child may want to keep in mind, nine year cycles and no water after a reaction. And, always carry an Epi kit and know how to perform a tracheotomy on your child.

    If I had a reaction today it would kill me.

    Hope this helps some people understand. For those who are allergic these schools are a godsend, for those who aren't, you have a choice to go somewhere else. Anywhere else, and do all those things I never could. And, you will never have to wear a face mask in an amusement park or be denied acceptance at summer camp.

    PS As far as letting outside food into a nut free school, the risk of that food having been prepared in a home kitchen with a knife that had been used to spread peanut butter it just too great and children can't be relied upon to keep it to themselves or to not accept it when offered.

    I was finally allowed to sleep over at friends houses when I turned ten, but I had to bring my own food and my own utensils and was not allowed in the kitchen.

    Just one more addition, something I take for granted, I have never lived more than two minutes from a major hospital and, when I first moved out on my own, I lived right next door to one. It is something I must do always. I can also not fly Southwest airlines.

    I don't think it is too much to ask children to give up nuts for 6 hours of their day. And, I wouldn't call it bowing down, I would call it a lesson in compassion for another human being.

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    It means some kid is so allergic to nuts that he or she could DIE if they are in the same building with nuts.

    Personally, I think kids like that should be HOME schooled instead of forcing a whole school full of students to bow down to their allergies!!!

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    Either it means noone can bring any nuts there for people with peanut allergies, or it is an all girl school ( lol)

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    it has to do with people who are allergic to nuts. some people are sooooo allergic to nuts that smelling them causes a reaction. these schools must have people who are really sensitive and do not want to risk the reaction, so they ban all nuts from the property.

    Source(s): my cousin can not be in the same room with any kind of nuts.
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    it means a big fraction of the students have an allergic reaction to peanuts and nut stuff. that means no peanut butter, peanut butter candies, or anything mostly wiht the ingredient of peanut butter. some schools like mine have tables at lunch that you can sit there if you are allergic to peanuts

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    If it is a cereal school, it means that your take away the fruits and nuts and all you have is flakes.

    A Nut Free school would have fruits and flakes, I guess.

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    that means that the school does not serve nuts because many people are allergic to them.

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    sounds like they are nuts (crazy) they probably don't allow nuts because some people are allergic to them

    Source(s): med school
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