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Is there any information on research done on men who take Paxil and subsequent birthdefects of their offspring

I have been taking paxil for more than 10 years. Years ago I wanted to stop taking it but was discouraged to do so by my G.P. and various psychiatrists I had visited over the years.At one time I was taking as much as 60mg/day. I have been taking 20mg/day now for a couple of years. After many lifestyle changes,diet,getting more informed on coping tools and taking naturally occuring "anti-depressant" foods, I am ready to make the leap to living a Paxil free life. But the driving force behind my decision is that I was recently married and we are planning a family.I have heard and read that women taking Paxil during pregnancy caused thier children to be born with heart defects.But I have not seen any sites or any information about a link between men who take Paxil and any birth defects in thier children. Can somebody steer me in the right direction on getting this kind of information?

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    Check this one out. It is an article from JAMA. It is a free article. Paxil is an SSRI so this article may be useful to you.

    Good luck to you.

    Source(s): JAMA
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    you can go to paxil.com and it gives you all the information, with acouple of links. there is nothing said about risks of men taking it during a womans pregnancy. but if you are going to stop taking it they recommend not doing it abruptly for there are side effects, you should consult your doctor. babies can have birth defects when the mothers are taking paxil, that is true. ask your pharmacist

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