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I wonder if it's possible to download a copy of last night's Oilers game?

I went to the Oilers game last night at the Rexall place with some students from my school, and I wanted to know what channel it was being broadcasted on. Is there a place where I can watch a replay or download it? Or maybe there will be a replay on the channel it was being broadcasted on? Too bad the Oilers' manager didn't allow video taping inside the arena.


It was broadcasted on SportsNet, that's all I know now.

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    Google videos has most full NHL games this year, but it takes a week or so for them to put the game up. Right now they have up to about Feb 1.

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    try might not have the entire game on there but there should be some highlights from it

    also, i am a rangers fan, and a couple years ago they had on their website that you can but videos of the games online at their store. see if the oilers have that.

    if none of those work, try searching it on google and hope you can find it!! :)

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    there now streaming games at

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