My PC firewall messages it's tryng to conect with a remoteaddress '205,250.40.254' - howcan I fnd what it is?

I get email messages with short funny movies - my firewall pops up every time - trying to connect to a remote IP address. It's the same everytime. Why would it do it? When I hit 'deny' everything works anyway. Address is - Spy Ware??? Can I send em a virus from my Vault? Thanks.

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    1.To find out : -

    2 YOU CAN BLOCK THE SITE . Go to IE/Tools/Internet Options/

    Privacy/ websites/edit. Enter this address and block the cookies.

    WHOIS Record For

    Record Type: IP Address

    OrgName: TELUS Communications Inc.

    OrgID: TACE

    Address: #2600 4720 Kingsway Avenue

    City: Burnaby

    StateProv: BC

    PostalCode: V5N-4N2

    Country: CA

    ReferralServer: rwhois://

    NetRange: -


    NetName: TELUS-205-250-0-0

    NetHandle: NET-205-250-0-0-1

    Parent: NET-205-0-0-0-0

    NetType: Direct Allocation

    NameServer: PRI3.DNS.CA.TELUS.COM

    NameServer: PRI4.DNS.CA.TELUS.COM



    Updated: 2002-03-26

    RTechHandle: PSINET-CA-ARIN

    RTechName: TELUS Communications Inc.

    RTechPhone: +1-613-780-2200


    OrgAbuseHandle: AAT-ARIN

    OrgAbuseName: Abuse at TELUS

    OrgAbusePhone: +1-604-444-5791


    OrgTechHandle: TBOTP-ARIN


    OrgTechPhone: +1-604-444-5791


    When you register a domain name, current policies re

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    well seems someone is trying to remotely gain access to ur pc. I would suggest disconnecting the internet for a while and scan ur system with ewido antispy or asquared and see if theres any hack tools or spyware in ur system. I would also suggest getting sophos anti rootkit.. I hope u have a good internet security system . Bitdefender is a very good choice and so is CA antivirus..Low on resource and also comprehensive protection to keep ur system clean.. not many antivirus softwares do that just so u know

    take care

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    Yes you can find out where he lives.

    Here is where he lives (I did reasearch)

    IP country: Canada

    IP city: Surrey

    latitude: 49.136398

    longitude: -122.821297

    isp: Telus Communications

    organization: Telus Communications

    I an 99% shure this is where he lives.

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