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Should I buy a Nintendo DS?

I have a chance to buy a lightly used DS light for $70 bucks but I am undecided. What should I do?

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    DS, do you really think you can compete with SNES, NES, SMS, GBA, GB, GG, PCE, and PSX emulation? Do you think you can compete with movies, mp3s, internet browsers and RSS feeds? Can you work as a universal remote? No? Well what about do streaming video from the PC? No? Can you be used a wireless controller? No? What about play games from memory card? You don't even have a memory card? What was that? Did I just hear a Nintendo fanboy cry?

    ~~Sony PSP is better.~~

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    id say go for it. dont listen to that sony nerd. the ds has a collection of games of many different genres, so whatever youre looking for, its probly there. it can also play GBA titles, so that adds another whole layer to the games you can choose. for me, i like the strategy type games and good old fashioned fun, so i picked up the new super mario bros and advance wars for the ds. both are very solid titles, and a good play. i would reccomend picking up that ds.

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    Look at the library of games available for the DS and decide if they sound fun to you or not.

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    4 years ago

    i understand that is quite volatile, yet attempt eBay. ninety 9% of the time, there is not any longer some thing incorrect with the object, and also you'll get it quite more low priced. solid idead for figuring out to purchase a DS to boot ,I actually have one and that i imagine that is impressive.

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    Yes yes yes. You should buy it, I've had mine for over a year and I still can't get bored with it. Besides that is such a low price that you should go and get it before someone else does.

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    If you have the money available and you like the games available, I'd say go for it. I love my DS lite :D

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    No. The games are very boring. Well, you can look at them to see if you like any. If you do, then, I guess, sure go ahead and buy it.

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    you really should. they have great games for it. a few are remakes from n64 but redone. it can also play gba games

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    YES! Don't think too much! U will get psycho!

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    buy my DS!~

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