Where can I find a GOOD site for grants and scholarships?

Most of the sites I've found are asking for money, and I don't want to spend money that I don't have on a scam. Does anyone have a link to a page where I can look up scholarships?

I am 26 years old, planning on going back to school for a B.S. in Paralegal Studies, so I do not qualify for just-out-of-high-school scholarships for people 17 and 18 years old.


I don't qualify and I don't want loans. :)

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    http://www.scholarshipexperts.com/ is also totally free and very strict about matching students to awards they actually qualify for.

    "The best scholarship search engine we've found."


    Source(s): Forbes, Best of the Web http://www.forbes.com/bow/b2c/review.jhtml?id=6904
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    verify with the colleges to which you're employing. in case you're nonetheless in severe college, the regularly occurring public via IRV Scholarship on the college of latest Orleans awards $500 for the pupil who leads the adoption of instant runoff vote casting (IRV). For a proof of ways IRV works flow to source under.

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    Do you know what school you'll be attending? You should check out what options are being offered at your school. Sometimes schools offer scholarships for incoming students.

    Also, try http://www.scholarships.com./ - I read some of their testimonials and this girl won 5 different scholarships!

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    Fastweb.com Is a website with a huge collection of scholarships catered to your specific situation.. sign up for free :)

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    did you try the fafsa grants and loans?

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