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Flight Paramedic! Can anyone Give me some insight?


I want to become a Flight Paramedic, and I want to know how to get there. I am from Alberta, I have no idea how to become a Flight Medic .Does anyone in Alberta or in Canada know the steps to become a Flight Medic or any schools that offer these programs, also do I need to get my pilots license? How long is training and does anyone know how much they earn per year. And what is the nature of the job in terms of.. is it hard, stressful, what should I expect, typical injuries/illnesses I will see?

Ill take any info from anyone



I am not a Paramedic as I am just finishing High School, I am just doing research on future occupations for my calm class.

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    Okay, I'm studying to be a primary care paramedic in Ontario, so I have no idea about Alberta except that you can take equivalency exams to move from province to province.

    So in Ontario we have primary (PCP), advance (ACP) and critical care (CCP) paramedics. First you train to become a primary care paramedic, this requires a two year college program. After you get your EMCA (Emergency Medical Care Attendant) certification your can take a flight course which will cover the basic of aeromedicine (it does get different up at altitude).

    However, most flight medics are critical care or at the minimum advanced care (more school, more $$) or have the expectancy that you will continue your education. Though some of the EMS services in Northern Ontario will employ PCP with flight training.

    Ornge is the old Ontario Air Ambulance service and their website is below, just go to the education section.

    No, you do not need your pilots license, your responsibilities in the sir are to your patient, not to flying the helipcopter/plane. Flight paramedics can make a crap load of money (in Ontario in the range of $90,000 per year). However, they work for that money... mostly a lot of the time it's mundane transfers from southern Ontario to northern Ontario (e.g. Toronto to Moosoonee). However, because of the CCP rating, you get the horrific crashes too, the ones where 3 out of the 4 people in the vehicle are deceased (2 decapitated) and the sole survivor is too critical for you to tell them that their finance is dead. We got a lot of stories from our professors that are flight medics.

    Anyways, hope that helps!

    Source(s): Paramedic/pre-med student
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    Flight Paramedic Test

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    A flight paramedic is a trauma and ALS certified paramedic who usually accompanies a doctor or PA on a medevac helicopter. They don't actually fly the chopper, they just ride in it with the patient.

    Generally only the most experienced EMT-P's get jobs as flight paramedics because the chopper only generally gets called out to the most time-critical cases (usually severe trauma where the patient needs immediate surgery to save their life, limb, or eyesight and an ambulance would take too long to get them there).

    I know in Canada they have EMAs instead of EMTs, so you'd have to go through all of the individual EMA courses (and tests), starting at EMT-1, then EMA-2, then EMA-3. There are advanced courses in cardiac care and advanced pharmacology, for example, that many places also require you to take.

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    Whats a flight paramedic? A paramedic that goes in the helicopters?

    Are you a paramedic at all?

    i dont know

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    Nice answer by Jenny M. Never cared much for heights myself so I never tried to go that route.


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    You have to have your paramedic license and your nursing license. You have to have experience too.

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  • This is a question for Jenny M.........

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