What is happening in Smallville? When will clark ever get with lois(SP.?)?

Does anyone else think its turning into a soapopera? (SP.?)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I use to like Smallville I still watch it but yeah I agree it's turning more into a boring soap show. What is going on now is Lex and Lana (super *****) are together and she is pregnant by him and they are suppost to get married. But she is still in love with Clark and he is with her and she has found out that Lex is a liar and now thinks Clark is superhuman. Well she is kinda confused on that she does believe and she doesn't.

    Clark joined up with the Green Arrow, Flash, Aqua-man, and Cyborg and they created "the league". They fought Lex and stopped some project he had going on 33.1. But he just moved it to somewhere else and the rest of the team went to stop him but Clark stayed behind. He said he had to take care of other people that came from the phantom zone.

    Lois and Oliver broke up, she and Clark had a thing when they were both infected with red kryptonite. Nothing came of that and she can't remember anything, but clark left her for lana and tried to kill Lex. That is how Lana came to know about Clark's powers. Really it's been boring with the same old Lex vs Clark for Lana thing. Which she must have super powers too to be with all the guys she has been with and not get a case of something. lol

    Really you haven't been missing much of anything.

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    1 decade ago

    I haven't watched it in a long time, but to be honest, and yes, I know it's the story line, but I like Chloe so much better than Lois. I wish Clark would have ended up with her.

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