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How do you stop bullying yourself?

I haven't been bullied in a while but I bully myself. Anyone know what I should do?

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    Well, most bullies don't hold up very well to logic. Just kill your bully with logic, because I doubt most of the things you're saying to yourself make a lot of sense.

    Like, for instance, "You're stupid!" I say that to myself a lot when I'm bullying me. I would try to combat that thought with concrete reasons as to why I'm not stupid. I would pull apart the word stupid, and prove to myself how vague and non-specific it is...then I would remind myself of all the good grades I've made in the past.

    You don't give a lot of details, so there's little I can do to give you specific advice.

    But I definitely understand self-bullying; I'm a champion at it.

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    Many people, especially those of us who have been bullied, get used to feel bad about ourselves and when others stop giving us the message that we are 'bad' or 'not good enough' we get uncomfortable, as though something is wrong, so we send ourselves the message because in the short-term it feels better.

    Try taking the emotion out of the judgment (the bullying statements you say about yourself) and look at just the facts.

    For example, "I am such an idiot" is a judgment, not a fact - a fact is something that is NOT questionable. (I am breathing is a fact, there is no doubt or contradictory evidence)

    So what is the fact? "I have a brain the same as everyone else, I use it the same as everyone else, I make mistakes the same as everyone else, I have achieved........ the same as everyone else, etc, etc."

    Try to challenge each judgment with a fact, if you want some help with it - post one of your statements and I will help you find the fact.

    Keep fighting, you are worth it.

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    I'm in school and havent been bullied for a while but if you put the kids who buly down they will stop. for girls the ones who bully normally spread rumors and to stop that the only way i have seen is to "silent treatment and for guys you need to just ignore and try to act normal and DONT BRING ANY UNNESASARY ATTENTION TO YOURSELF.

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    have ppl been bullyin u in the past ??? n thats wat made u feel like u actually existed???? and it stopped all of a sudden and u been feelin left out or even feel like ur not even worth being bullied by mean asses ??? cause i dont see any other reason ur doin it to urself.....u oughta love urself and not call urself names n put urself down....start lovin urself n respectin urself more... the self bullyin will stop on its own then.............. im sure ur givin urself less credit ... get to know urself and eventually you gunna fall in love with urself.... and once u start treatin urself with respect.. nothin n no one else will matter.. try it !

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