Microsoft Access?

I need help creating a one-to-many relationship...I'm very new to this program also. I'm trying to get something along the lines of having different numbers of fields for different records when I insert sub data sheets.

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  • MarkG
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    1 decade ago
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    One to Many relationship would be having a Single Customer ID number linked to all of their individual orders. The customer info appears once in the customer table and the CustID may appear in may different records in the Orders Table.

    To establish the relations ship in access Click on Tools:relationships

    Add the tables then drag the field you wish to link from one table to its matching field in the other table

    You then click on JOIN TYPE from the popup and select one to one, one to many or many to one relationship. A black line will be drawn from on fiel to the other between the two tables which represents the relationship and its type. If the link alreadyexists you may edit it by right clicking on it and selecting a ndifferent type...

  • rod
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    1 decade ago

    Conceptually you have to think of an example that works for you to understand which way the one-to-many relationship goes. Like One storm produces many raindrops but one raindrop doesn't produce many storms.

    Programmatically, there's a relationship wizard in Access that you just select the field from one table and drag it to the field from another table, then click the option for one-to-many

    hope that helps

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