Cannot read Yahoo emails from IE - get error message?

Cannot read any messages, including those that I read two days ago...

I receive header information (To; From; Sj). Cannot read body of letter. Get "Error"

Click on Error message & get the following:

Line 209

Char 4

Error: Object Expected

Code 0

URL ( msgid=

Line 875

char 1

Error: 'oBw' is undefined

code 0

and more of the same

Any ideas???

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  • 1 decade ago
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    One possibility: You may possibly have a corrupt cache file -- it makes all KINDS of things go wonky. Try this: clear your history, temporary files & cookies, reboot and retry. I’ve had people tell me this worked, recently, others say it did not, so I guess is varies.

    Another possibility is an incompatible browser; I've seen others mention this as a problem recently. You may need to upgrade your browser, switch to another one, or go back to regular Yahoo Mail (I'm assuming you have beta now!).

    If none of this works, contact:

    Yahoo! Customer Service



    8am - 5pm M-F (Pacific Time)

    The E-Mail address for Yahoo! customer care is

  • 4 years ago

    changing to Firefox or IE does no longer help. it is not your laptop. Yahoo is working on the positioning. many human beings can no longer get to their mail. This got here approximately in July and Nov 2008. Yahoo will fix it in some days. close your Mail internet site. get entry to Mail by the hyperlink on the suited left of any Yahoo solutions internet site. The on-internet site buttons on Mail are no longer working exact. For some human beings the only way you will get to issues is with the browser buttons (Refresh and bypass). click on communicate board on the left part of the YA abode internet site. examine the submit "issues occurring with Mail" and is the reason what all of us comprehend so a ways.

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