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x box360 or ps3?

Should i get the X Box360 or The ps3?

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    We have tested and accepted reviews on all three systems. As far as graphics are concerned the xbox 360 and PS3 capable of 1080p are both similar since the xbox has recently released a 1080i update allowing the 360 to display full 1080i on 1080i capable t.vs. Prior to this update the 360 couldn't go 1080i.

    Playstation 3 does offer more out off the box than Xbox 360, and the PS3 network is free to owners of the PS3.

    # PS3 premium-60 gig

    # Blue Ray

    # True 1080p HiDef

    # PSP game share

    # The internal 60 gig hard drive- capable of storing Ps2 memorycard game saves, photo, movies, music etc…

    # Ability to hook up external hard drives, and jump drives- and transfer music, photos, videos, etc……. Playstation 3 Solutions

    # Key board and mouse abilities

    # Surf anywhere on the net like any computer (PS3 Has it's own web browser)


    # Play games- Resistance Fall of Man- Motostorm(out in march)

    # Play all the Ps2 games if you have ps2

    Xbox 360 Premium-

    # 20 gig hard drive

    # Xbox live has fees but is great fun and has a large community

    # Has awesome Great game titles and exclusives

    # 1080i update available- but not blue Ray

    # No web Browser for internet browsing yet but a new updated version of the xbox will be out this summer so maybe…..

    # Xbox 360 currently has more games available and Halo 3 is soon to be released.

    All offer WiFI connection to the internet but the Xbox needs the purchase of extra hardware to do so.

    It's up to what you want out of a system they are both awesome.

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    I would go for the Microsoft Xbox 360. It's console is more than just a gaming console. I feel both consoles compete very close when it comes to Hi-Def output, multi-channel sound, graphics, etc. In my opinion the xbox takes the cake when it come to online gaming and media center extender. Its just more value for the money - a much richer experience.

    You will hear that PS3 is more powerful and a better machine but then remember you'll not use it as a PC - To me personally I dont see any value in features like ability to browse the internet, connect external hard drives, jump drives, etc. I have my PC for all that. Its a gaming / entertainment console. In a few technical areas PS3 is a superior machine but then does that give me a better entertainment experience - I dont think so. Thats why my vote goes to XBOX 360.

    Do check out the url below.

    Happy gaming !!

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    Depends on what games you like. Also take into consideration that almost all major XBox 360 titles will come out for computer. If you have a good computer then no need for 360. Maybe even no need for PS3, but way more PS3 games are not available on computer.

    Bottom line, look at the list of games coming out. If one system has more games that you will want to play, than get it.

    I have a PS3 and PC and can play every game I want.

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    Ok man its a toss up!!... If u get the 360 u et halo3 gears of war and even some more hit games! On the flip side if u get the ps3 u get Resistance fall of man and KillZone2 (one of the most anticipated games of all time). But in the end its your choice just don't go paranoid over the choice!!

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    The PS3 is just too expensive to succeed right now. If no one buys it, no one will develop for it. Get a 360!

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    shut up, infam0uz_350, you loser. as for the question, well, the 360 has better games in my opinion. the ps3 is expensive, but considering it has a built-in blu-ray player and superior graphics, and free online, it's a good deal.

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    360. the ps3 is to much money. and they have about the same game titles

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    PS3 is the best

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