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Ok think your smart - think you know a lot about history and politics - answer this one?

In a speech to the House of Commons Prime Minister Diefenbaker says in reference to why Canada needs a Bill of rights .

I believe Canada needs a Bill of Rights . I'd like to chalenge Mr. O'Mara who contends we are not emergeing from Asiatic chaos that our Anglo Saxon heritage pretects us ....."

What exactly is "asiatic chaos "


The clip of Mr. Diefenbaker speaking in the House curtosey of CBC archives

Update 2:

Small corection Mr. Diefenbaker wasn't PM at the time of the speech but an MP running for the leadership of the PC party .

The speech was made in 1950

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    well, professor...

    i dont see what this has to do with knowing a lot about history and politics... its a political trivia question.


    in the book "The Foundations of the 19th Century," Goethe used the term "asiatic chaos"

    Goethe was pro-NAZI, pro-Hitler, pro-'Aryan', anti-jew, pro-christian, pro-mussolini etc..

    in the Roman Law chapter (pg. 121), Goethe claims the Jews (try) tried to destroy Europe and claim domanance in the world.

    (background info - around this period of time, the europeans were trying to take control of parts of central africa in the Congo, but faced great resistance from the muslims who previously occupied much of africa.)

    he says the arabs threatened Europe's existance because they fought European forces in Africa to try and claim world dominance...

    he says the arab's "Mohammedanism" is like a swinging sword hanging over their rising culture in europe, asia, and africa

    he says the Jews are even worse, but because of the arabs, people forget about how terrible they are...

    Goethe says Jews corruptly monopolized trade and seized controlled all of the worlds largest capitals...

    he also says the Jews, ever since their existance, have been trying to destroy Christianity by claiming Jesus as one of their own.. he says that the Jew's claims about Jesus is an attempt to destroy Christianity's roots so that they can dominate Europe, Asia, and Africa...

    He says that Italy responsibly converted the arabs communist, capitalist states in Africa to peaceful nations

    He says that the Jews tried to take over Jerusalem, but Italy liberated it from the brutal Jewish takeover...

    He said that even though "State" fought for its own practicle interests at the expense of others... Italy was able, for many centuries, protect mankind from this "State"

    He claims that Greece started becoming influenced by these threats, until Italy straightened it up and allowed Greece to once again see the light...


    As Goethe writes in Chapter 2, page 121 -

    "It is the work of Rome that the centre of gravity of culture has been once and for all removed to the west, that the Semitic-Asiatic spell has been broken and at least partly cast aside, that the predominantly Indo-Teutonic Europe became henceforth the beating heart and thinking brain of all mankind."

    "Without Rome it is certain that Europe would have remained a mere continuation of the ** 'Asiatic chaos' **."

    referring to Goethe's idea of the Jew's + Arab's alleged cultural "take-over" of Europe and Europe's growing culture in Asia.


    Goethe described his assumtion of the Jews cultural take-over of Europe, Asia, and Africa ...and his assumption of the Arabs (+ jews) political invasion of Africa.. as "Asiatic Chaos"

    Prime Minister Diefenbaker is considering the communists cultural invasion of China, and Mao Zedungs political invasion of the "pre-mao" China (to capitalist communism) as "Asiatic Chaos"

    But the Phoenicians like all Aramaic peoples, in contrast to the Indo-Teutonic, lack above all the impulse to form States — the brilliant idea of freedom that is self-governing.“ Where the Phoenicians settled, their constitution was, fundamentally, merely a “government of capitalists, consisting on the one hand of a city mob, without property, living from hand to mouth, treating the conquered people in the country districts as mere slave-cattle without rights, and on the other hand of merchant princes, plantation-owners and aristocratic governors.“ These are the men, this the fatal branch of the Semitic family, from which we have been saved by the brutal delenda est Carthago."

    - Goethe (pg 118)

    Above, Goethe describes "asiatic chaos" as a communist government that limits peoples rights, sets up communal farms + industries, sets up powerful and corrupt governers, destroys the people's wealth, starves their people to death, hires mobs and gangs, and is lead by a "capitalist-minded" dictator.

    Such a description fits Mao Zedung's dictatorship in China and is why the Prime Minister wants to set up a Bill of Rights to save them from such a government.

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    China turning communist, he urged canada to make a bill of rights so that they wouldnt loose their rights as they had in china with mao zedong as president . he didnt want them to turn communist. He reffered to china's communism as an asiatic chaos.

    it was in 1949 that mao zedong established the peoples republic of china,this coicides with the era that diefenbaker gave his speech.

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    Thats Chin Mung Foo, Words cannot express my asiatic chaos. Other than ku lee mung chow sa lim.

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    the chaos in the middle east.

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