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What is the method or technology used to extract oil?

What is the method or technology used to extract , or get at them ,get them out???


give me a website and some detail

thank u

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    oil exploration is not a simple one way method, usually requires geology, geophysics and all other knowledge includng engineering, economist and lawyers to be able to explore, evaluate, drilling and produce oil from earth.

    There are many methods of producing oil from wells 1) by natural drive 2) by inducing. Natural drive wells usually took place where oil fields have strong water drive, these formation water pushes oil out from underground. Inducing means using water injections or gas injections done thru injection wells placed at geologically strategic locations around the field. The water and gas injections method usually done during second phase of field production (probably after 5yrs-may varies from field to field).

    At later stage of production a method called enhanced oil recovery will be apply to try to capture those residual oils. These residual oils almost immobilized by any type injections alone. At this stage some fields uses microbes than can eat these immobile oil turn these oil into more mobile medium. Other fields use chemical injected into the reservoir to give same effect as the microbes.

    Try AAPG, SEG or other Reservoir/Petroleum Engineering websites.

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    That link along with the other links on the site should give you all the information you need

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    U just drill a deep hole and if it is in the right place u can pump it out.

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