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How do I find someone in Peru?

How do I find someone in Huánuco Marañón Peru? I have their Name and DNI number and know they live in Huánuco Marañón, I have already looked in the phonebook, where else can I look? what can i do to find them?

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    Well what i would do is call someone in Peru that lives nearby that u might know in order for them do to the inside job there,if, you dont then i would suggest u go there that might be the only way you might find this person. Its hard finding someone in peru if your not there and if you dont have the right sources.

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    mmm... that's one of the most rural areas in Peru. That is going to be hard.

    Source(s): I'm from Peru
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    maybe in yellow pages in peru is or you can put an answer in yahoo answer in spanish, maybe some people know him

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