besides the 6 babies in the u.k, any one else born on july 20th 1969?.?

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    Carlos Santana ("Santana" to those who know him by last name only) was born on July 20th. Not in the same year, though. Some other famous people born on July 20th: Chris Cornell, Kim Carnes, Diana Rigg, Natalie Wood, Chuck Daly, Sir Edmund Hillary and Alberto Santos-Dumont. Also the anniversary of Neil Armstrong taking his first step(s) on the moon ("One Small Step for Man, One Giant Leap for Mankind").

    Also, Josh Holloway has that exact birthday (7-20-69). I wasn't sure who he was, but according to Wikipedia, he is currently most famous for his role in the hit television program, Lost, where he plays the bad boy with the good heart, James "Sawyer" Ford.

    Additionally, if you go to the site below, you can read stories people have posted about what they were doing or something interesting that happened to them on that exact day. Is this your birthday, or were you just interested in the date itself?? In either event, good luck to you and hope this answers your question!

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