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Is it true that the Salvation Army really wraps babies up in the flag when they christen them?

i heard that --- just wondering if there's any truth to it...


just F.Y.I...

The Salvation Army is a charismatic evangelical Christian movement...

it would do some people good, to research something before they actually respond.

Update 2:

correction: Christen should be "dedicate" (thanks Paladin)...

Also, can "god-parents" be present? (even though it's not a christening) Curious.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    If some branches do this, it's on their own initiative and not condoned by the central authority. The SA does carry out Dedication Services (not christenings), during which the parents (not godparents, as at christenings) make certain promises to rear the child in the Christian faith according to Salvationist principles.

    Dedication Service:

    The dedication takes place during a normal Salvation Army meeting for worship.

    1. Thanks are given to God for the new life.

    2. The officer conducting the ceremony reminds the parents of the promises they are making and they agree to keep them. The promises are to care for the child and protect her or him from harmful things as far as possible.

    3. The officer then takes the child in his or her arms and, praying for the child by its full name, asks God to bless the child and guide the family. People in the congregation are asked to encourage and help the child as he or she grows up.

    4. After the prayer, the child is given back to the parents. A dedication certificate is presented and the dedication register is signed.

  • Mr Ed
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    I strongly doubt it. I'm not even sure they christen babies - I think it is an individual choice by Salvation army officers. (Some will baptize adults, others will christen babies, according to their individual theology, I think).

  • Since when was the salvation army a church or a religions place? Also, since when did they christen babies? I think someone pulled a fast one on you!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    hmm, wow. Thats the first timw I heard that. Why would the Salvation Army Christen babies? who knows!

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